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Four Tet – Angel Echoes

Some tracks you never want to stop. This vocal loop could just be on repeat forever. Also, I got the cd from a girl I like.

Four Tet - Angel Echoes

Burial – Come Down To Us

Speaking of great samples, this track is stellar! Love how Burial is getting more and more ambient and experimental with his releases. The atmosphere in this track really sucks you in. Combine that with a broken musical arrangement and the most tasteful use of cringy 80’s samples ever and you have a winner.

Burial - Come Down To Us

Biosphere – The things I Tell You

Norwegian hero Geir Jenssen is just a master of creating the most emotional droney soundscapes. Also I have lost track of how many times I have fallen asleep to this only to be woken up by the giant from Twin Peaks telling my that he is sorry to wake me, but he forgot to tell me something. Some trippy shit!

Biosphere - The things I tell you

Janet Jackson – Empty

Can’t wrap our heads around the fact that The Velvet Rope is twenty (!) years old, such a classic. Empty is still completely our jam – the intricacy and the build of the 808 beat combined with Janet’s lush vocals is just exquisite and timeless.

Janet Jackson - Empty (1997)

Arca – Brokeup

Arca has become a favorite of ours after we saw him at Øya Festival in 2016. This track is full of synth stabs from 90’s hardcore combined with glitchy and distorted trip hop beats and uncanny vocals. Perfect.

Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld — The Sun Roars Into View

There are few musicians out there with a more physically demanding job than Colin Stetson. But you have to suffer for your art, right? Circular breathing, singing and playing a brass instrument at the same time? Crazy. This, together with the fantastic playing and vocals of Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufeld makes for a truly magical track.

Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld — The Sun Roars Into View

Jessy Lanza – Pull My Hair Back

That chorus! Jessy Lanza delivers laid back beats, funky bass and cutesy-sultry falsetto vocals like no other.

Jessy Lanza-Pull My Hair Back (Hyperdub 2013)

+plattform – Tailer

Norway’s new face of minimal techno, Stian Balducci, is killing it with every release! This track works as good on the dance floor as it does for zoning out at home.

Vince Staples – Homage (Ft. Kilo Kish)

We listen to a lot of hip hop, and Vince Staples latest album has been on repeat all summer. This one is a personal favorite, with a very avant garde soundscape that really resonate with our own aesthetic. The pitched/sped up riff is gorgeous and super funky.

Jenny Hval – Conceptual Romance

This mellow, hypnotizing ballad is giving us life. It’s somehow sweet and weird at the same time, and listening to it feels like stepping into an old movie or something. We love Jenny Hval’s work and secretly wish that she were our friend.

Jenny Hval - Conceptual Romance (Official Music Video)

Sgrow debut album is out this November.

See the video for new single ‘Kismet’

Sgrow - Kismet (Official Music Video)