Bob Sinclar

Dan Prince checks in with the Paris superstar after a breathless summer at Pacha and the release on his latest dancefloor smash on Spinnin’…


Bob, where on planet earth are you today young man?

Hey Dan, I am writing this interview on the plane from Los Angels to Paris…

The first piece of music you heard this morning after jumping out of bed…

Frank Sinatra ‘Summer Wind’. He is the best crooner to start a beautiful day with.

Huge news for you right now thanks to your latest Spinnin’ Records release ‘Til The Sun Rise Up’, a cool collab with US multi platinum singer Akon who has worked with the likes of Eminem and Snoop Dog in the past. Tell us about the history of the track and how the hook up happened.

We had a common friend and we met in Cannes during the Festival. He’s a genuinely talented guy, really pure, and I wanted to work with him really badly because I just love his African music vibes. After six years of having EDM dominate the scene so fully, I really wanted to bring back some acoustic and organic sounds with my music. I wanted that pure ‘Bob Sinclar’ sound, the acoustic guitar, the whistle hook, an amazing Caribbean African vocal on top. I sent the instrumental to Akon and he loved it. When he came back to me with a demo of a vocal I was super impressed with the vibes that he added to the song. He cut the vocals in his studio, sent them to me and we finished the production on my end.

Why in your opinion was Akon perfect for vocal duties on the track ?

He has a very special vocal signature and recognizable between millions, he is perfect for my vibe, his Melodies are very sexy with a nice theme words. He is different cos when he sings we all know its him and in Art and Music, this is the characteristic of the biggest talents.

What are the 3 big new tunes in your box at the moment…

My song ‘Til the Sun Rise Up’ was a highlight in my summer. Pacha is where I tested the song for the first time and the reaction of the crowd on it gave me the feeling that it could be a big one.

CamelPhat & Elderbrook ‘Cola’ is the tune of the summer and maybe the track of the year. Its the perfect combination between an underground production and a catchy vocal, I think the kind of track every producer dreams to produce once in their life cos u keep a credible DJ profile and you do a big club hit at the same time. Well done guys!!!!!

Watermät “Don’t Stop” (Bob Sinclar & The Cube Guys Remix)

Watergate is a very talented upcoming French producer. He made a big track last year with ‘Bullit’ and came back this summer with a new Bomb to be released on Spinnin. The beat was not strong enough for club and I could feel a big potential in it, that’s why I uplifted a bit of the production in collaboration with my Italian producer friends The Cube Guys. A massive weapon for me this summer and for the rest of the year.

As you mentioned, this summer has seen you enjoy another incredible residency at Pacha with your Paris By Night weekly. Whilst the island continues to change, one thing we can always rely on is your amazing Saturday night party at the most famous club in the world. How has the summer been for you, what have been some of the highlights?

It’s a great honor to play at Pacha with my residency. I played there 21 weeks together with the best House DJs on the planet including Basement Jaxx, 2Many DJs, Masters at Work and David Morales. This summer was unreal cos after 2 years of this party they all knew the vibe of the night and I can feel that they are very exited to come. Also, the clubbers were very hungry this year for new sensations. Paris by Night is here to feed then with a high level of burlesque shows and house music. I have with me the best performers from Paris coming every Saturday to create with me a Humain Artistic paint while I am playing my house music. I want the crowd to be excited by what they see and not only DJs playing music, I want to bring them into my dreams and share with them my energy. Only this combination of talents and Pacha Ibiza can create this chemistry. Welcome in the most beautiful house music cabaret of the world!!

What makes Pacha the perfect location for your party?

Ibiza is my land of happiness. In my opinion it’s the only place where I have the feeling of people from all around the world just coming to enjoy their favorite DJs and house music. The island has kept it’s Summer of Love feelings since the 70’s, I have the impression that all the people are dancing in the same direction without any boundaries and no matter if you are green or yellow or straight or gay…we are all there for our love of dance music. Pacha is where I think my music fits the best in the entire world. I love it’s glamour, it’s dancers, the sound system, the DJ booth with it’s location in front of the crowd and it’s vibes which combine into giving all the attention to the DJ. I am honored to perform in this club and be welcomed by the crowd as a superstar. As a DJ you need to play in Ibiza, it’s a major window on the world. Every club owner, promoter and clubber are coming to see all the DJs performing their music. And you need to be at your best.

How ‘hands on’ are you with the whole Paris By Night project at Pacha each year ?

PARIS BY NIGHT is my baby! I dreamed about it a few year ago, I tested the concept in Paris and brought it to Pacha. The vibe is amazing and has been growing for 3 years now. I do everything myself from the concept of the pictures, the videos, the music and the choice of the performer. About the artistic direction, I have close to me a good friend of mine Olympia Solange, a Famous French cabaret actor/transformist artist with who I brainstorm new ideas, costumes and choice of the right artists to work with to create a family vibe between us. The choice of the guest DJs for the season is made in collaboration with Pacha.

Where else on the island have you checked out club wise this summer?

So I love…

1/Marco Carola with his party Music On at Amnesia and Solomum Sundays at Pacha are the best underground party in Ibiza.

2/Amazing soulful vibes with Louie Vega and his residency on Sundays at Heart.

3/Simon Dunmore/Defected killed it on Fridays at Hi with his Glitterbox.

4/Martin Solveig gave us his French touch at Pacha on Wednesdays.

5/Tantra and Café Mambo in San Antonio is the best Pre Party on the island and every day brings us different styles of music with superstar DJs.

Is Ibiza still as magical as ever?

Ibiza is the Queen and the ultimate paradise for music lovers. For me she’s my idol, my own Mecca where I come for my annual summer pilgrimage. 

What are some of the winter gigs you are looking forward to?

I am gonna follow the sun in November and December and will play in Africa and Asia between some relaxing moments cos since the beginning of the year it has been very intense.

And finally, an up and coming producer to watch out for in 2018 ?

Definitly CamelPhat after his big song ‘Cola’. He is gonna come very strong next year. Also the cool Riva Staar, born in Italy and now living in London. For a few years he has brought us the best house music productions on his label SNATCH. Two to watch for sure!

Bob Sinclar feat. Akon – ‘Til The Sun Rise Up’ out now on Spinnin’ Records…