Back To Mine with Silence Path (Loot Recordings)


1. NDF – Since We Last Met

The first time I heard this track, I fell in love! I really love the vocals from this song.

NDF - Since We Last Met


2. Trentemoller – Miss You

I’d like to go out for a drive with this song in my ears. This track brings me so many emotions.

Trentemoller - Miss You


3. Lulu Rouge feat. Fanney Osk – Landscape of Love

When I’m listening to this, my mind goes away. It gives me a great transition from reality to an unknown space.

Lulu Rouge feat. Fanney Osk - Landscape of Love


4. Kelvin K – My Pal – Hudd Traxx

I have so many memories from when I’ve listened to this track. This record has been behind a lot of dancing and listening highlights.

Kelvin K - My Pal - Hudd Traxx


5. Anonym – Love You Like I Can

I discovered this track when I was at Sunwaves Festival. I remember the sunrise and the people who danced being really delighted by the vibe.

Anonym - Love you like i can


6. Bonobo : Cirrus

From my point of view, he’s the greatest artist. His music inspires me all the time, this track especially.

Bonobo - Cirrus (Official Video)


7. Nicolas Jaar – Don’t Break My Love

Another great artist…what can I say?! He has the most complex music I have ever heard. His style is really unique and very experimental. Reminds me of Jean-Michel Jarre.

Nicolas Jaar - Don't Break My Love


8. Massimiliano Pagliara – Sometimes At Night

I went on a trip when I discovered this fantastic, melodic synth song. I was covered in goosebumps,  whilst I saw myself on the top of a mountain.

Massimiliano Pagliara - Sometimes At Night


9. Maxxi Soundsystem – Medicine

It’s really like a “medicine” for the soul. The bassline, the synth, even the vocals kill me. It’s a perfect combination of sounds.

Maxxi Soundsystem - Medicine (Original Mix)


10. Jewel -Serve the ego (Gabriel & Dresden Remix)

It’s always a great pleasure to find a combination between a classic song and a rework from these artists such as Gabriel & Dresden. I’ve been a huge fan of this duo since I was a kid.

Jewel -Serve the ego (Gabriel & Dresden remix)


Silence Path – In Perfect Harmony EP (Loot Recordings)

Silence Path is a new moniker from an artist who says this alias “came to life because of the desire to express the music in another way and to convey it to another level with a much more spiritual story than before.” He is someone who captures a harmonious universe of experimental sounds that are overflowing with emotion and spiritual feelings from start to finish.
The title track is the superb ‘In Perfect Harmony’, a subtle and hypnotic affair, with an evolving soundscape that recalls the beach, with echoing percussion, tinkling pianos and lush pads. The creative genius of Powel returns to Loot once again to deliver a remix that highlights the original melodies, twisting things up with heavenly string arrangements and soothing bass. The next fantastic original is ‘Nebula’ and it focuses on a memorable melody that’s blended with the gentle sounds of nature, ethereal voices and rising strings to create a musical story.
The first of the two ‘Nebula’ remixes comes from Quatri who hails from Damascus but is based in Paris and fuses organic and lighthearted sounds with heavy modular rhythms. With his version he turns up the excitement with a cosmic feel, cleverly distorting the melodic hook with smart effects and swelling, ecstatic synths. Next up is Yoni Yarchi’s remix. He is based in Tel Aviv and brings plenty of magical musicality to his productions on labels like this one as well as Definitive and Nie Wieder Schlafen. Here he serves up a magical journey of emotional frequencies and euphoric pads where the original elements shine.
The closing track is the excellent ‘Illusion,’ which combines playful melodies and warm basslines to create a breezy, summer-like vibe.

Silence Path – In Perfect Harmony EP (Loot Recordings) Release: 22nd February 2019 Cat No: LOOTREC020