Back to Mine with SpinnZinn

SpinnZinn has an entirely unique and hypnotic style and sound, a sound that has aptly manifested by the description: “Purely elegant techno.” In April 2017, SpinnZinn relocated to Berlin, joining Richie Hawtin and fellow team members of PLAYdifferently, in the city often referred to as the underground techno music capital of the world.

After calling it home for a decade, SpinnZinn left sunny Miami and its vibrant electronic music scene to indulge in the sensational techno scene of Europe. In the last year, SpinnZinn has earned a resident spot at Hito’s party ’Oto’ at club Ipse in Berlin, in addition to touring the globe playing in Amsterdam, Zagreb, Serbia, New York, Las Vegas and Tokyo, where he joined Hito in Japan for a New Year’s Eve party headlining for ‘Oto’ Osaka.  At the 2017 Amsterdam Dance Event, he hosted the kickoff for his live stream show called “SpinnZinn Presents,” which broadcasts and features DJ’s all over the world. Just off the back of a high-profile gig at Ultra Miami, we caught up with him as he gave us his favourite Back To Mine tracks…


Losers feat. Brian Molko – “Summertime Rolls (Hybrid Remix)”

My good friend and TYP3 Records co-founder, Luke Hunter, discovered this one back in 2011. I fell in love with everything about it it the first time I heard it; the vibe, the spacey textures, the vocals. It is one of the few tracks with vocals that I enjoy playing out. I find that it truly takes the listener on a journey. The unexpected dubstep twist after the breakdown always gets a dancefloor going.

Losers - Summertime Rolls (Hybrid Remix)


Ricardo Villalobos – “Easy Lee”

Probably one of the more recognized productions in this playlist, Villalobos delivers a powerful afterhours masterpiece. I’m a big fan of the minimal vibe of this track. It’s just a vocal run through a vocoder, mixed together with Villalobos’s signature sound-designed drums, making it a fun track to mix with.

Easy Lee - Ricardo Villalobos


Feroziana – “The Final Touch (Original Mix)”

This track works great during an early morning afterhours set, as well as at the beginning of a set. The drums are present but not overpowering, allowing the piano to take center stage and tell the story. I love the melancholic nature of the piano lead; it has an air of curiosity to it.

Feroziana - The Final Touch (Original Mix)


FTC – “Noom (Original Mix)”

I grew up with a strong classical music influence, thanks to my late father, and I think of him every time I play this one. I guess you could technically call it a cover of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. There is so much emotion woven into the melody. I don’t know what it is about it, but I find I really resonate with music that is written in minor keys. I often say, “Sad music makes me happy and happy music makes me angry.” Haha.

FTC NOOM (original mix)


ED – “Fullmoon”

This is a track with a strong acid influence that always takes the dancefloor for a ride. Solid.

Full Moon (Original Mix)


Rene Wise – “Hinder”

The mysterious and somewhat lullaby-ish nature of this one is perfect for those strange Sunday morning hours after a long night’s rave. Its driving drums juxtapose the main piano melody perfectly. The particular vibration and feeling created from this juxtaposition is often present in a lot of the music I play.

Rene Wise - Hinder


Adrian Hour – “The Other Side (Original Mix)”

You can hear more of my classical music upbringing with this one. I enjoy the story telling nature of this orchestral music. Whenever I would put techno on, my father used to joke (or not joke?) and always ask, “When can we listen to real music?” He then would go on to cite the lack of harmonization and classical melodic structure as the main points of his discontent. This is one of the few tracks he actually enjoyed.

Adrian Hour - The Other Side (Original Mix).m4v


Matthew Dekay, Lee Burridge – “Lost in a Moment”

I really enjoy ending an afterhours set with this track. It’s a great record to bring a long night of dancing to an end.

Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge - Lost In A Moment (Original Mix)


Fabio Florido – “Levity”

I am a huge fan of many of Fabio Florido’s productions. This track, with its uplifting melody and driving kick and bass, always brings people to their feet. It is one of the few “happy” tracks I enjoy mixing into my sets.

Fabio Florido - Levity [Levity EP]


DesertF!sh – “Sentinal (Original Mix)”

DesertF!sh is a talented producer and friend based in Saudi Arabia. He’s got a very texture oriented production style that I quite enjoy. I really enjoy the particular textures present in this track. This one really feels like a cinematic score that is playing while you are walking through an old haunted factory.

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