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Björk – Cocoon

She has created a musical universe in which she is able to follow her instinct and not disappoint anyone. In my opinion that is the greatest form of art.


Oneohtrix Point Never – Americans

I’m most likely to be intrigued by music I do not understand and to me, OPN’s music is an endless source of undiscovered elements.

Oneohtrix Point Never - R Plus Seven (Full Album)


Lanark Artefax – Flickering Debris

In electronic music, it is often very hard to put ‘emotion’ or ‘humanity’ in it, but you can’t deny the immense presence of melancholy and warmth in this track.

Lanark Artefax - Flickering Debris


Mhysa – Spectrum

Everything she makes sounds intuitive as if it is her stream of thoughts translated in music and that is something I’m also trying to create.


Kara-Lis Coverdale – Territory Of Subtle Entries

Music that makes you contemplate and understand yourself is one of those things that makes it powerful. This album is kind of a consciousness trance to me.

Kara Lis Coverdale and LXV - Territory of Subtle Entries


Disasterpeace – Vignette: Vision

The most incredible soundscapes and sound design I have heard in the last few years. He makes sounds travel through your body like drugs entering your veins.

Vignette: Visions - Hyper Light Drifter OST


Equiknoxx – Waterfalls In Ocho Rios

To me, this is the perfect example of a perfectly balanced piece, it sounds quite uncomplicated but everything is so well written.

equiknoxx - waterfalls in ocho rios


Claude Speeed – Tiger Woods

A perfect blend of electronics and classical instruments which results in an extremely unique sound.

Claude Speeed - Tiger Woods (Official)


Herbie Hancock – Textures

My all-time favourite fusion piece of Herbie performed entirely by the man himself!

Herbie Hancock: Textures


Tristan is the alter ego of 23-year-old Belgian vocalist, composer and producer, Isolde Van den Bulcke. Considered one of Belgium’s rising female artists, her new EP ‘delidomia’, released 8th March via PIAS, fuses elegant vocal pop with ambient sounds and cosmic jazz and draws on influences such as Björk, Boards of Canada, Arca, Oneothrix Point Never and Wayne Shorter. Her spellbinding debut EP ‘Illusje’, released in 2018 to critical acclaim, led to Belgium’s leading arts and culture publication Focus Knack to promptly ask, “Is this the Flemish Melanie de Biasio?”
Ahead of the release, Tristan is pleased to share ‘Maljaande’, the first track from the EP. Her most pop-centric song to date, beguiling sounds and mesmerizing grooves exhort a magical and hypnotic dreamscape as the track shuttles between darkened electronics, pop and jazz. “Maljaande’s narrative deals with the paradox of a young, Western woman living a happy-go-lucky life while struggling to truly enjoy it, in the knowledge that outside her cultural bubble, the world is a mess”, she says.
Composing, producing and performing her own music, Isolde studied jazz vocals at the Conservatory of Ghent and Tilburg University and at the tender age of 17, she took her first steps towards a promising recording career when she formed SIAM and won the prestigious East Flemish music award, Oost. Best. Her most recent live shows as Tristan have not gone unnoticed either with a sold-out show in her hometown Ghent and rave reviews for further shows at We Are Open (Trix) and Gent Jazz. She also caught the attention of Belgian-Egyptian musician Tamino who invited her to support him on tours throughout France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Tristan has already received her first radio play on Belgian national radio and appeared in numerous ‘Artists to Watch’ lists across many national media outlets at the end of the 2018.

Tristan - Maljaande (Official Audio)