1 Janis Joplin – Little Girl Blue

This song always kicks me in the stomach, I think Janis Joplin has reached her top on this tune, specifically at the end of the song by only saying “I know you’re unhappy…”. The way she sings that, well, it breaks you in two. Period.

Janis Joplin – Little Girl Blue


2 The Cure – Lullaby

I know that many people would not agree, but i think Disintegration is The Cure’s sound. The Songs are big! Big Sounds, big Arrangements, big compositions. and it’s still Dark and obscure (for what it’s means).

The Cure – Lullaby


3 Hanoi Rocks – Oriental Beat

Hanoi Rocks was the most underrated and unlucky bands in the world, they disbanded in 1985  after having shown how to play and dress up to the Rock n Roll scene of Los Angeles and they came from Finland.  My girlfriend in 1995 was the perfect double of the singer Mike Monroe.

Hanoi Rocks – All Those Wasted Years (Live At The Marquee)


4 Scorn – Stairway

Mick Harris and Nicholas Bullen both left Napalm Death (i don’t know if it’s clear, but I’m into metal) and  begun making Industrial Ambient Dub music with Scorn, eventually, Bullen left also Scorn and Harris kept the project alive. His LP Gyral is my favorite.

Scorn – Stairway


5 Cynic – Textures

Well, the ’90s have been the last decade where the music business has been able the effort to embrace creativity, experimentation, and risk with economic reward. So, as long as the record companies’ executives kept selling records, the ’90s were a huge pot full of musical genres and full of people who wanted to discover and listen to things never heard before. So we have a band that plays death metal mixing it with Jazz Fusion and Ambient. nice uh.

Cynic – Textures


6 Gong – The Isle of Everywhere

Gong is my favorite band, obviously putting my other favorite bands on one side. Most of my interest in Synths and electronic music comes straight from this sonic journey. Gong has been one of the funniest, psychedelic, advanced progressive rock\jazz band in the world you should go looking for Daevid Allen sometimes,  a lot of music history have something to do with him.

Gong – The Isle Of Everywhere – 1974


7 Eat Static – Prana

Ok. From Gong to Ozric Tentacles (go looking for) to Eat Static. my first step in electronic Dance music was already written.

eat static – prana


8 PWOG – Record of Breaks (Album)

This Album Is Awesome and still sounds super fresh. I’ve never been a fan of clubs during my teenage years, I was in the metal-punk scene of my city, I went to listen to bands in squats houses or in old disused factories occupied by young people and become cultural centers, At the beginning my interest was addressed only to music played by humans, but at some point the travelers and the nomads of the rave scene were driven out of northern Europe to reach Italy for a few years and I met them. but this is a long story.


PWOG Record Of Breaks album


9 Frank Zappa – Montana

If you like to be considered as a person who loves and understand the music you may want to check this out. Frank Zappa is Simply the best. the problem is that after listening to his incredible repertoire, it becomes very difficult to consider anything else worthy of attention.  Tina Turner and the Ikettes sing the impossible chorus and Ike Turner forces Zappa to pay them misery for the recording, otherwise, even the greedy Ike would have to pay his singers more.

Frank Zappa – Montana


10 CCCP – “Tomorrow (Voulez-Vous Un Rendez-Vous)”

This is the way we used to be post-punk in Italy.

CCCP w/Amanda Lear – Tomorrow (voulez-vous un rendez-vous) – official videoclip


Various Artists – Night Noises Vol. 1 (Night Noise Music)

The forward-looking Night Noise Music once again gives a vital platform to a host of fresh producers on the first volume of a new compilation series entitled Night Noises. Night Noises Vol 1 features new compositions from label regulars Tulioxi, Lily Haz, MiddleSkyBoom & Elizer, ID_UA, Roliva, Dance Station and additionally welcomes Roe Deers, Clandestino, Jac The Disco, Jack Carel, Younger Than Me and Aimes to its growing roster. Label regular Tulioxi kicks off with a deep cut, melodically cosmic and expansive bit of mid-tempo disco perfection. Swirling vocals and blissed out riffs add real musical richness to this most appealing groove. MiddleSkyBoom & Eliezer then slowly build the suspense with their percolating loops and steamy vocals and newcomer Aimes—who is the Wonder Stories label boss—jacks up the floor with corrugated drums and pinging cowbells all run through with acid flashes and disco darkness. Roe Deers get more unhinged with the loose percussion and psyched-out synths of ‘Prince’ and Younger Than Me shows why his tracks are always such hot property as he serves up another tantalising cut with heavy kicks and a pumping technoid groove. Other label newcomers include Leeds trio Clandestino, who regularly host events with the likes of Andrew Weatherall, and serve up the brilliant ‘Voice of The End Times’, which is a hypnotic mix of snaking lead synths and rubbery dub disco drums. Roliva’s ‘Disco Lisérgico’ is a wild brew of pixelated pads, meandering synths, darkly filtered vocals and sci-fi effects.

Various Artists – Night Noises Vol. 1 (Night Noise Music) Release: 22nd February 2019 Cat No: NNM057