1. Roots Manuva – Witness

Roots Manuva for us was one of our favourite UK Hiphop artist and this track is timeless.

Roots Manuva – Witness (1 Hope)


2. Wu-Tang Clan – The City

There had to be at least one Wu-Tang track in there as we have always been into them since we was very young.

Wu-Tang Clan – The City


3. Rage Against The Machine – Bulls On Parade

Classic Rage always had these on when we was younger, the first to do constant hiphop/rock!

Rage Against The Machine – Bulls on Parade


4. Johnny D – Walkman

One of our favourite after hours tracks. 10 years old but never get bored of it, so groovy.


5. Dj Krush – Kemuri

Always remember our Dad playing this in the car on any journey and reminds us of being kid.

Johnny D – Walkman


6. Kerri Chandler – Atmospheric Beats

Had to have this in here such a classic, we still play it now.

Kerri Chandler – Atmospheric Beats (Original Extented Version)


7. Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag

Another track from our child hood was probably the first ever Drum & Bass track we heard.

Roni Size / Reprazent – Brown Paper Bag


8. Marco Carola – Bloody Cash

Carola was a big inspiration when we started playing Electronic music and this has to be our favourite track of his.

Marco Carola – Bloody Cash (Original Mix)


9. Slum Village – 2U4U

SEAN – J Dilla is my favourite producer and along with Slum Village can’t get much better, so many to choose from but this track I can listen to any time.

2U4U — Slum Village


10. Commix – Be True

LIAM – This track for me being massively into Drum & Bass I remember walking in to Fabric room 2 in about 2009 and it being played its blew my mind brings back great memories.

Commix – Be True [HQ]


Peter Berg ‘Dancy’ (Incl. The Willers Brothers Remix) will be released on June 20th 2016 on Lauter Unfug.