1. My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow  – (Album)

I love the whole Loveless album and the guitar atmospheres. It was really influential on AOM 001´s Logan´s Dream. 

My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow (Official Music Video)

2.Boards Of Canada – Roygiv

Love this one a lot!

boards of canada – roygbiv

3. Nirvana – In Bloom

Every song on Nevermind is a masterpiece.

4.  Autechre – Nine

A very special track with only one sound and a great melody. Very influential on AOM 002.2 track Sun is Sick.

5. Billy Cobham – Stratus 

I used to play drums and this album is like the bible to me. It was also sampled by Massive Attack on the Blue Lines album which I also love.

Billy Cobham – Stratus

6. Kraftwerk – Man Machine

I listened a lot to Kraftwerk and this track blew my mind and now I know why. I was obsessed about the bass and melody and its pure electro feel.

Kraftwerk – The Man Machine

7. James Brown – Payback

The king of groove. This track is amazing like all of James Brown’s tracks.

James Brown – Payback

8. Drab Majesty – Not Just A Name 

One of the best bands I have heard in a long time, it sounds amazing and the lyrics are really good.

Drab Majesty – Not Just A Name

9. Caterina Barbieri – Gravity That Blinds

She´s one of the most talented artists I’ve heard in a while.

Caterina Barbieri – Gravity that Binds [IMPREC, 2017]

10. Aphex Twin – Avril 14th 

I can name 25 Aphex Twin’s track that I really like but this one is my girlfriend’s favorite tracks from him.

Aphex Twin – Avril 14th

NOSUCHKEY – AOM003 (Art of Memory)

NOSUCHKEY makes a bold debut on the Art of Memory label with a deadly four track EP of masterfully reduced but stylish and evocative minimal techno. NOSUCHKEY is actually a side project from AOM label boss Nico Purman. He served up the first two releases on the label and this new alias is focused on straight forward techno. Over more than a decade Purman has established himself on Vakant, Crosstown Rebels and Curle, and now heads in an exciting new direction designed to make a huge impact on the floor. The name of the alias takes inspiration from a computer term meaning “a false address, a lack of a word” and that ambiguity informs the music. Opener ‘Stages’ is post minimal techno with a focus on mind melting melodic riffs that ripple over the rooted drums. It is sci-fi in style with a hint of Detroit greats like Jeff Mills and really takes you into the future. The excellent ‘FMFMFM’ is another fluid bit of deep techno that is wired up with languid synths constantly wrapping and warping round the drums. Keeping up the pressure is ‘Lunch’, with a stripped back but impactful techno style built on rubbery kicks and with modulated synth lines constantly shapeshifting throughout the mix. Direct but dynamic, it is excellently timeless techno that leads on to closer ‘ACD RDFN’. There is urgency, paranoia and cyber tension in this one that really keeps you locked as it journeys deep into a blackened yet cinematic cosmic abyss.

Out Now.. NOSUCHKEY – AOM003 (Art of Memory) Cat No: AOM003 Format: vinyl, digital