1. DJ Rok – Cycle Sluts

Rok – Cycle Sluts

This was one of my first records and it´s the perfect blueprint of a techno record, which I heard, when I started to go out to clubs.

2. DJ Hyperactive – Wide Open

Dj Hyperactive – Wide Open

Another favorite track of mine back in the days. When I heard it the first time on the dancefloor, I was going insane because I didn´t know the track name. I asked everybody but no one could help me out. Years later I found it out, that made me really happy.

3. Ben Klock – Subzero

Ben Klock – Subzero

This defines the modern techno for me. It´s an absolute master piece and timeless.

4. Subjected – untitled #1

Subjected – Vault Series 1.0

untitled #1 was the first track, which I released as Subjected and was the kick off for Vault Series. I´m always surprised how good this track is. It´s now nearly 10 years old and my production skills were not the best in those days.

5. Giordano – Shimmer Mist

Giordano – Shimmer Mist [SK002LTD]

Shimmer Mist has everything how a modern techno track has to be for me. Some groove, some darkness and some minimalistic and repetitive structures. Great.

6. Andrejko & Subjected – Caldera

Andrejko & Subjected – Caldera [SSSS001]

This is the first track on my new imprint Subjected Systems. I love to work with Andrejko, my studio partner, because he gives me new input. Caldera is a good example for this.

7. Rraph – Warszawska

Rraph – Warszawska [CP017]

Another really modern techno tune. A big low end with some really fine twists melodically. 

8. Subjected – Nothing Is Sure

Subjected – Nothing Is Sure [SSSS003LP | Subjected Systems | Premiere]

Nothing is Sure is taken from my recently released 2nd LP Mother. After the my son was born I work on the complete album for only 4 months. I wanted to create something timeless and wanted  to bring techno back again to the roots.

9. Alessandro Cortini – Scappa

Alessandro Cortini – Scappa

One of my favorite artists. I love all of his work, but Scappa stands out the most. This song is so emotional.

10. Johan Söderqvist & Patrik Andrén

Battlefield V OST [Soundtrack] 04 – Tirailleur – Johan Söderqvist & Patrik Andrén

I´m a little bit obsessed of video games. Last months I played a lot of Battlefield 5. I think this is the best song in one of the best Battlefield games.

Subjected – Mother LP (Subjected Systems)

Systems featuring ten ambient, leftfield and techno cuts this March. An essential figure within Berlin’s techno scene, Subjected has released on ARTS, the enigmatic STOOR and his very own Vault Series. Subjected Systems is a newer project which has so far hosted two releases, one from Transient X4 and another collaborative effort between Subjected and Andrejko. The label showcases a post-industrial era, that keeps ties to the underground scene that gave birth to it but signals its occupation of a different realm than its predecessor. Subjected now returns with his second album for the label’s third release. Entitled ‘Mother’, the longplayer came to fruition after Subjected became a father himself – inspired by processing the changes that were not only happening around him, but to his partner and a new life. Instigating proceedings, unearthly drones pave way for ominous risers in ‘Unearth’, before the electric ‘You Know Nothing’ thunders in, where buzzy leads are shaped by heartbeat kicks dictating capricious pace. ‘Algorithm Lies’ bounces with an erratic hollow bass while real organ samples render a dramatic tone, leading into the sinister ‘Purification’ with its ripping synths and clinical drums. An oscillating bassline joins stylish open hats in ‘Nothing is Sure’, making way for the luscious tones of ‘The Lullaby of Marian’ with its beautiful arps until ‘Mother’ generates infectious rhythm with intricate FX patterns over a steady kick. Nearing the end, ‘Bloodborne Pathogen’ offers a retro arpeggiated synth that meticulously develops and modulates throughout, before ‘Trope’ offers refreshing clarity with hopeful chords fluttering above heavily distorted yet distant drums. Finally ‘Everything Should Be Fine Now’ rounds things off with an exquisite ambient drone.

Out now… Subjected – Mother LP (Subjected Systems) Cat No: SSSS003LP Format: Digital & Vinyl


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