Back To Mine with Alex Tostey aka Alex Boshke (Boshke Beats)

Alex Tolstey, also known as Alex Boshke, is a producer and DJ whose career in electronic music spans over 25 years. As a founder of Boshke Beats Records, Alex executed more than 250 releases and is renowned in the global trance and techno community. Known for his vision of uniting trance and techno and his work with artists who create fresh fusions in sounds, Alex follows the same visionary direction as IbogaTech in pioneering cross-border electronic music. Following the success of the first edition of his ‘The Outlaws’ compilation, Alex breaks the law once again with Volume 2 of this exciting musical menagerie, brining us a juicy selection of 11 stylistically uninhibited, genre-defying tunes…

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1. Zodiac “Zodiac” 1980
Growing up in the USSR in the 80s was fun but the music selection was censored and limited and this Latvian synth band Zodiac was our Soviet : Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream ,Jean Michele Jarre and Mike Oldfield all together. The first electronic record I ever owned and used to spin non stop as a kid.


2. The KLF “3am Eternal” Blue Danube mix by The Orbital 1989
Two birds – one stone, The KLF and The Orbital both are a huge influence and inspiration, KLF is a religion if you don’t know. This is one of my all time favorites, still dropping it on parties on special moments, They sampled Johann Strauss classical peace The Blue Danube and the effect of it…still more then effective! Epic.
The KLF - 3 A.M. Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital) [1989] HQ HD

3. Vangelis “Bladerunner” Original SoundTrack” 1993
Despite the fact that the film came out in 1982, the soundtrack release of it was delayed for more than a decade and when it was finally released in 93 with all those new orchestrations and different mixes it was a pure futuristic delight to our ears, still today it sounds fresh and futuristic to me , sometimes when I close a party after a very long set I love to drop the soundtrack in full as a last track and sit down and chill in the middle of the dancefloor with the crowd to enjoy it again on a big sound system.
Blade Runner Blues

4.Juno Reactor “Rotorblade” 1995
Much ahead of its time. Those breakbeats and the guitar always delivered a perfect combo of what cinematic techno is for me personally, danced to it and played it so many times and never got bored of it even once. Essential!

5. X-Dream “Psychomachine” 1997
When i heard this X-Dream track for the first time in 1997 on the dancefloor my life was changed, I was obsessed by it, this led massive futuristic utopian sound and marching power with those laser beams and superior approach and production to anyone making dance music at this particular time were top notch. One of the best psychedelic techno tracks in history and HUGE inspiration.
Psychomachine (Remaster 2002)

6. 16B “Falling” Two Lone Swordsmen Remix 1997
The one and only Andrew Weatherall (R.I.P.) Been a huge fan of Sabres of Paradise since “Smokebelch” and was happy to discover Andrew making some exciting new age electro with Radioactive Man. This discovery came from my fav DJ back then Sven Vath who along to Mr. Weatherall was one of the omens of avant garde dance music in the 90s, it was released by Sven on his Eye Q record label.
Omid 16B - "Falling" Two Lone Swordsmen Remix

7. Daddylonglegs “Pony Express” 1999
Howie B and his supertalented friends behind this rare record, when blues goes electro or when cowboys take acid, I still love this tune a lot! It was pitched to me by Arne of Extrawelt during one of our music sessions in the late 90s. Lysergic Trip Hop.

8.Royksopp “Night Out” 2001
An outstanding cinematic musical piece by Those Norwegians, a full movie in one track, when the imagination surrenders to the music and the melody dissolves you in a sea of emotions, a non existing in reality landscape of pure musical magic,
Röyksopp's Night Out

9. Nathan Fake “The Sky Was Pink” James Holden Remix 2004
James Holden was another prophet for all of us when he started his Border Community label in 2003 and re inspired us all (djs and producers) when we thought that the dance music is lost forever in repetitive formulas, generic styles and labels. One of the best dance anthems of the new 21st century, I’m sure Einstein will dance for it if he could.
The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix)

10. Fuck Buttons “Sweet Love For Planet Earth” 2008
A soundtrack for our existence, sweet agony of Love on Earth, this anthem is  like a rare animal in our electronic music fauna, it is not easy to find such magnificent sonic statements on our planet nowadays. Love, Hope and Heavy Mental Music to you all.
Fuck Buttons - Sweet love for planet Earth