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Semi Precious – Purple Room

Wobbly slowed down magic from our partner in crime Semi Precious.

Semi Precious - Purple Room

Alice Coltrane – Turiya & Ramakrishna

This must have been sampled a million times, but the original will forever do it best for us. It’s just next level in terms of expressiveness. 

Alice Coltrane - Turiya And Ramakrishna

Rivage – Answer

Only just discovered this via Athens of the North and it’s become a bit of our summer soundtrack. Guaranteed to warm you up.

Rivage - Answer [Audio]

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah – No Love

Oh man, this one’s deep. The way he plays the trumpet…

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - No Love

Emma-Jean Thackray – Rain Dance / Wisdom

YES, YES, YES! Anything she puts out is brilliant really, but this one in particular.

EMMA-JEAN THACKRAY || Rain Dance / Wisdom (Official Video)

Matthieu Faubourg – Please Stay

This track is 10 min long but we’re still always bummed the moment it ends. Could indulge in this laid back on a sofa for days. The patience of the track is beautiful. 

Matthieu Faubourg - Please, Stay

Leatherette – Fresh & Clean

Again, the slowed and pitched down samples. Exactly what we need to unwind, yet still keep that euphoria from the night out going.

Letherette - Fresh & Clean

Will Lister – Karma

Really loving the mix of acoustic and electronic here together with the lazy drums. 

Will Lister - Karma

Jitwam – Temptations (Glenn Astro Interpretation)

Again, the laziness on this one… always loved Glenn Astro for that sort of feel.

Jitwam - Temptations (Glenn Astro Interpretation)

Athlete Whippet

Since their debut in September 2016 the Athlete Whippet’s hazy sun-kissed House found love by DJs worldwide and for their most recent release ‘Your Love Is Lifting Me’ the guys have honed in on a diverse roster of new wave talent which came out on their Squareglass label earlier this month. “For us, music has always drawn its power from community, compassion and collaboration and these are the main motivations for our label Squareglass which often acts as a platform to debut new talent from our South London base. Getting together with people to create has obviously been more difficult over the past few months but even when making music alone we work from the ground that our inspirators have left for us. In line with that, we wanted to give the artists that have generously contributed to the collection – friends and inspirators in their own rights – a free hand, and we love what happened here. All of these reimaginations are seen through the lense of each artist’s own emotions and experiences.”

For their latest release: STREAM / DOWLOAD HERE