Chicago – Make Me Smile (Extended Version)

Chicago is one of my favorite bands of all-time. Growing up I used to practice this on the drums with my Dad playing keyboard and singing. I can’t think of another band that has hit Funk, Soul and Rock like Chicago has. “Make Me Smile” has so many peaks, valleys and such a complex structure. Chicago is a musicians band, they were all geniuses.

Chicago- Make Me Smile

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – The Love I Lost

Because who doesn’t love Teddy Pendergrass. For me, he is one of the best soul singers of all time. “The Love I Lost” is just so Philly Soul, and between Teddy’s vocal and the great groove, I can never get enough of this record. I love the bassline as it moves the whole record, and it allows Teddy’s voice to be the main attraction. I think I love this record because you can tell how much passion and feeling went into it. You can’t go wrong cleaning your house and throwing on some Teddy P. 😉

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – The Love I Lost (Audio)

D-Train – You’re The One For Me

BAD ASS. Only two words to describe this record, it’s so funky and so 80’s. This is one of my Dad’s favorite records and it definitely rubbed off on me. This track is all about the vocal, funky synth lines and that bass.

D Train – You're The One For Me

Audioslave – Cochise

Audioslave was always one of my favorite bands growing up. I mean how could you ever go wrong with Chris Cornell, and Tom Morello together. “Cochise” was the lead track off Audioslave’s first album. The writing and production that went into the whole album were unbelievable and totally different for Rock music at the time. I love the writing on this album as there is a really deep message behind all of the records and you can tell they all had something to say. In my opinion, they were a super underrated group, and for me one of the best that ever did it.

Audioslave – Cochise (Official Video)

Stevie Wonder- Overjoyed

Stevie, Stevie, Stevie one of the best musicians/singers/songwriters of all time. Stevie is one artist I’m always jealous of. I always say to myself when I listen to him “why couldn’t I write like that” lol. I admire his writing of this song as a whole, from chord changes to lyrics it’s just unreal.

Stevie Wonder – Overjoyed

Allen Stone – Figure It Out (Live from the studio edit)

If there was an artist I would want to emulate it would be this guy. Allen has quickly become one of my favorite artists over the last few years, and I listen to one of his songs at least once a day. One thing I love about him is he’s genuine, and a true artist. “Figure It Out” is one of those songs I can never get sick of, I love it. You can hear everything and everyone that has inspired him in his music. I think Allen is a special talent and one of a few in this generation that still writes some amazing music. 

Allen Stone — Figure It Out (Live From Robert Lang Studios)

Chaka Khan – I Know You, I Live You

“I Know You, I Live You” is one of those records that you sit back and say- “damn someone wrote that”. I admire the structure, and composition of this record, all of the musicianship with Chaka’s voice is just a producer’s dream. I love the funkiness, the badass horn lines, and the drum pattern.

Chaka Khan – I Know You, I Live You

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

I know, I know.. Who wouldn’t pick Michael Jackson? Honestly, I listen to Michael almost every day and I learn so much from listening to him. “Off The Wall ” is just one of those perfect records. You can listen to it from start to finish and always hear something new. I think Michael along with Quincy Jones, and Rob Temperton were the best to ever sit in a studio. The dynamic and the talent was at such a high level that you could never duplicate that.

Off The Wall – MICHAEL JACKSON '1979

John Mayer – Gravity (Live)

I think this song speaks for itself, John is one of those artists that has it all. He’s simply a musical genius. Gravity is one of those songs I could never get sick of, especially this live version. I love putting this on in the car, it just puts you in a different headspace.

John Mayer – Gravity [HD]

Boston – Foreplay Longtime

One of my all-time favorite rock bands, and Foreplay Longtime tells such a story musically. I love everything about this record, as it has a little bit of everything. I admire the production value especially since it was recorded in a garage. I mean there are producers with today’s technology that can’t make their stuff sound half as good as Boston did in a garage. This song in headphones is ridiculous, all of the guitar effects (which were unheard of at the time), the chorus on the organ, the tuning of the drums. It’s just perfect. Records like this are what keeps me learning as a producer.  

Boston – Foreplay / Long Time (Official Audio)

Avision – Innocence EP (Ellum Audio)

Avision storms into 2020 in fine fashion with his first EP for Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio label. Playing the decks since just 12 years of age, this American artist grew up in the musically rich New York City scene and is now at the sharp end of it with his own new school techno sound. He has released on key labels like Ben Sims’ Hardgroove, Mark Broom’s Beardman and Teksupport, and is someone that icons like Adam Beyer and Chris Liebing often reach for in their own sets. He starts off his latest offering with ‘Innocence’, a bustling techno track with bulky drum programming that is brilliantly loose. It jostles you into action as dark vocals add intensity and makes for a perfectly physical dance floor workout. Keeping up the pressure is ‘Time Lapse’, with big hi hats and a driving bassline all interwoven with thundering kick drums that will get the whole club up on its toes. A rising synth in the background adds an air of cosmic exploration and means this tasteful techno trip is enthralling from start to finish.

Avision – Innocence EP (Ellum Audio) Release: 14th February 2020 Cat. No: ELL057 Format: vinyl, digital