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Undo- Sixty Days (Fort Romeau Remix)

Fort Romeau did this remix on the last release on my label and absolutely knocked it out of the park. The anticipation before that acid lead gets me every time and the intensity is sensational. I closed out my set at Cityfox live with this earlier in the year (in a pre-covid world) and it absolutely crushed. 

Undo - Sixty Days (Fort Romeau Remix) [Melodize]

Passarani- Exit Velocity

I love listening to Tiger & Woods’s monthly Rinse.Fm mixes and stopped what I was doing and instantly started searching for this track the first time I heard it in one of their mixes. It just flows so smoothly and Marco completely nailed everything on this track from the drums, the talking synths, and arrangement. Perfect weapon to deploy at an energetic part of a set.

Passarani - Exit Velocity

Cooper Saver- Pacific Visions

This track really blew my mind the first time I heard it, and still continues to. It has everything I like in a track- aggression, melodies, and atmosphere. Reminds me a bit of Lauer with those quirky leads. Well done by a very talented upcoming producer.

INCOMING : Cooper Saver - Pacific Visions #Internasjonal

Beartrax – Ethereal (Clarian Remix)

For the second release on my label, I got one of my favorite producers in Clarian to do a remix of my track Ethereal. I was ecstatic when he agreed to it and he delivered an absolute masterpiece. From the atmosphere, moving arps and maestro piano solo at the end, this is a true Clarian track and showcases all of his immeasurable talents as a fine musician and producer who I’ve looked up to since the Footprintz days.

Premiere: Beartrax - Ethereal (Clarian Remix) [Melodize]

Qubica – Chordcode

I hadn’t heard of these guys before and then heard this track in a set by Perel earlier in the year- it blew me away and still does. Reminds me of old Poker Flat/Kompakt stuff and the synths are absolutely mesmerizing and hypnotic. 

Qubica - Chordcode

Lauer – Birsk

I’ll always remember where I was when I heard my first Lauer tune- it was back in 2016 when I still lived in Boston and I heard La Fleur play this at the end of her set. I danced like crazy to it and my infatuation with the Lauer sound was born. This track contains all of the wonderful analog elements that make his tracks so great- tough, aggressive drums, a rolling bassline and some lush synths to round everything out. I’ve listened to this probably over a hundred times since then and it never gets old. 

Lauer - Birsk (Futureboogie)

Extrawelt – Titelheld

This is for sure my all time favorite techno/house track. I first heard it in maybe 2012/2013 and it is just that perfect track that makes me feel like I’m in heaven. Has the normal elements I love with synths, melodies, aggressive drums and whatnot, but it just has that piece of magic that is indescribable with words. I had the fortune of hearing the boys play it live at Shelter in Amsterdam last year and I was jumping all over the place like crazy- this track certainly has that effect. 

Extrawelt - Titelheld

Marlon Hoffstadt- Lost in a Feed

I first heard this track in a Perel set too and absolutely loved it. It has a jolly vibe that serves as a perfect contrast to darker melodies and can really change the mood of a set. A true gem and full of analog goodness.

PREMIERE: Marlon Hoffstadt - Lost In A Feed [Midnight Themes]

Atelier- Something to Fill an Hour (Perel Remix)

As I’ve mentioned how big of an impact her DJ taste has had on me, I had to give her credit on the production end as well – Perel’s made a ton of great tracks over the last few years but this one stands out the most to me. It’s an absolutely twisted, haunting journey that really pulls the listener in and sets a true mood. I played this at Cityfox as well and the reception was wonderful.

Atelier - Something To Fill An Hour (Perel Remix) [LL1219]

Smith n Hack- Falling Stars

I first heard this track while seeing a local Montreal DJ collective, 00AM Dj’s playing at La Salon Daome and was blown away. It has a real classic sound to it and I really feel the hardware synths talking to me in this one. The song makes me think that I’m in space or some super cold, dark place with some synths powered up and talking to me. 

Smith N Hack - Falling Stars

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