UR – Quadrasonic

This is a classic collaboration between Mad Mike and Jeff Mills. Slamming 909 with gated reverbs, incredible analog synthesis, ethereal vocals and a sub bass that tears up the joint. I can see them in their Detroit basement studio at the mixing desk every time I listen to this. Genius..

Speedy J-Rise

An early plus 8 records that is a beautiful example of a track that builds on a deep and hypnotic chord progression. This is definitely a big inspiration on my production and was a milestone in Speedy J’s early melodic compositions.


Classic example of the Detroit techno influence on the London street beat vibes coming out of the Uk in 91. With its deep synth chords and squelchy bass this is an awesome head journey not to be missed.


AFX – Analog Bubble Bath

My first introduction to Aphex Twin. I first heard this on a unlabelled tape in the early nineties and was totally mesmorized by its melancholy melodies and awesome analog synthesis. It sounds just as fresh today as it did then. A truely timeless masterpiece!

AFX – Analogue Bubblebath 1

Aphrohead – In the dark we live(Dave Clarke remix)

This is a Chicago style workout that demonstrates how a slow groove can work on the dancefloor.with jt punchy drums and flagging hats. Aphroheads vocals are nice and deep and Dave is all over it with his hip hop techno fusion. Serious speaker damaging material.

Aphrohead AKA Felix Da Housecat – In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite)

Florence – A Touch of Heaven

In the early nineties Djax-up-Beats and Terrace were at the forefront of the emotive yet raw 909 techno sound and this track on Eevolute out of Holland is definitely one of the finest moments in that golden era. With its haunting portamento melody and subby bottom end it really is a touch of heaven.

Florence – A Touch Of Heaven [Eevolute / Planet E PE EVO 1]

Insync – The Calling

Classic early Detroit release on Transmat’s sub label Fragile. This is Jay Denham on the controls and is superb example of the German influence in Detroit techno. Moody but with a tuff robotic swing. The “Calling” always caught my attention and I love how at the very end of it a beautiful melody kicks in only to never to be heard as the track fades. I wonder how Derrick felt when he first heard the demos of this.

Fade II Black ‎– The Calling (reprise mix)

Bobby Konders – The Poem

The definitive end of a big night chill out number. This classic Nu-Groove cut with its haunting flute solo and bassline takes the listener on a journey to the origins of house music and beyond and is pure magic. Timeless!

Bobby Konders – Poem

F.U.S.E- From Our Minds To Yours

This track signalled to the world that Richie Hawtin was not just about great music but also about a unique techno style of branding. His slogan ”From our minds to yours” was at the centre of this and this track with its futuristic sounds and lush female spoken word was a clear message that techno was and is the future.

F.U.S.E. – From Our Minds to Yours Intro (1991)

Calix – Plethora

I have to admit there is a bit of self promotion going on here but for all the right reasons. I wrote this track back in 97 and recorded it straight to dat. I then released it on the “Cheeba Delight” ep via Cliq in 2001 under my Calix alias. It is a deep soul drenched number that I wrote during a turbulent time in my life.

Calix – Plethora

Biz – Set Me Free (Transmat Records)

Biz’s lifelong musical mission has been to connect the people of his native Australia with some of the most important musical scenes in the world. His love of Detroit techno is unwavering, and has seen him not only promote ground breaking parties like Flash and Fix that have brought techno pioneers to Sydney, but also run three import record stores that have kept the locals in hot wax for many years. In his thirty-year career, Biz has offered his own techno visions, compiling releases for Detroit label Submerge and Germany’s Force Inc and releasing on his own label as Calix, helping established strong worldwide connection. These have proved inspirational to countless countrymen who cite Biz as a shining light down under, and his debut release on Transmat is another historic moment for Australia, but also techno at large. The grinding grooves of opener ‘Set Me Free’ immediately show that this producer pairs a tuff mentality with a supreme sense of soul. The duality of that makes for a moving musical experience that you can feel in your heart, head and heel as conversational synths unfold in jazzy riffs and dark bass sucks you in. The exquisite ‘Don’t Stop’ is a track to get people in raptures as it builds with an enthralling techno tension that finally lets up and will see the club explode. Powerful and all consuming, it is masterfully edgy throughout. Showing a different side is ‘Autumn Blues’, a perfectly melancholic journey through deeper techno that lifts the spirits with optimistic synths ringing out in the night skies. Full of emotion, tenderness and a subtle feeling of joy, it’s as majestic as techno gets. Digital only bonus ‘Time Undefined’ is an excursion into techno’s more thoughtful sounds, with pensive chords and heavenly strings smeared over languid beats that allow the music time to breath and really sink in.
Biz – Set Me Free (Transmat Records) Release: 16th September 2019 Cat No: MS086 Format: vinyl, digital