1. Fleet Foxes – Crack-Up (Album)

I’ve been a fan of these guys since their first album, but this latest one is just pure magic. The songs are more intricate and interesting yet feel so up their personal style; haunting melodies, beautiful harmonies and obscure historic references, what more could you possibly ask for? Winning phrase to me is on the song “I Should See Memphis” where he connects Cassius from Rome with Cassius Clay a.k.a. Mohammed Ali in such a beautiful poetic way.

Fleet Foxes – I Should See Memphis

2. Panda Bear – Good Girl / Carrots (Song)

Love this song because in my head it’s like a theater play with three acts. Such an amazing evolution throughout its 12 minutes and 43 seconds.

Panda Bear – Good Girl / Carrots

3. My Bloody Valentine – Loveless (Album)

This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Makes me happy how the album cover represents exactly how the album sounds like, a big blurry beautiful pink guitar mess. Stand out songs: Sometimes and Blown a Wish.

my bloody valentine – loveless full album

4. A$AP Rocky – Leaf (Song)

Anything with Clams Casino on production is fire.


5. econdite – Buteo (Song)

Recondite’s minimalism paired with his futuristic melancholic sound is what caught my attention. So few elements yet it’s so strong.

6. Madvillain – Madvillainy (Album)

DOOM & Madlib. A pairing made in heaven. The metal face villain has some of the most creative and hilarious flow of all times. The whole album is incredible but Fancy Clown, Rhinestone Cowboy and Figaro are my favorites.

Madvillain – The Illest Villains – Madvillainy (Full Album)

7. Swans – To Be Kind

Michael Gira is an evil genius. Infamous for blowing peoples eardrums off on their concerts, they conjured a perverse masterpiece on this album. Plus the artwork is fantastic.

Swans – Screen Shot

8 Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe (Album)

In my opinion Dev Hynes is one of the true standout geniuses from our generation. The man can craft some of the most amazing pop tunes ever plus he has a sick sense of style. Is there anything he can’t do? Standout tracks for me are Chamakay, Chosen, You’re Not Good Enough.

9. Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise (Album)

My musical perception took a big shake a few years back when I had the chance to see Nico play live. To be honest I’d never listened to anything quite like what he played, made me think a lot about the possibilities of a Live Act and how to approach live performances in general. No need to say the man is a genius.

Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise (full Album)

10. The Cars – Drive (Song)

As you can tell by now I’m a sucker for anything melancholic or haunting. This song is the epitome of a broken heart. “Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?”. Rest in peace Rick.

The Cars – Drive (Official Music Video)

Cabizbajo – Cane Robbers (La Volta Ros)

Cabizbajo return to the La Volta Ros imprint with a new EP featuring remixes from Dan Solo and Die Jungle, follow up his last outing which reached a million plays on Spotify. Cabizbajo was raised in the infamous, cartel-run city of Culiacan in northwestern Mexico. There was little to no local music scene growing up, but he learned guitar, before going to to sax, drums, vocals and keys, becoming obsessed with synths. Now he travels the world while holding down a residency at his own Rotate party at Bar Americas and has put out his brilliantly inventive disco sounds on NEIN, Logical and Phisica amongst others. The fantastic title track is a deep and journeying cut with shimmering vocals and sustained pads all colouring in the airwaves above a moody, mysterious bassline. It’s an intriguing opener that gets remixed by Mexican mainstay Dan Solo who works with Tecnicolor Fabrics, Sabino, Xato and as Supercontinent with Thomass Jackson, Theus Mago and Juan Soto. HIs remix is darker and more freaky, with sleazy drum slaps and a rugged bass riff bringing the tension. Cabizbajo then offers ‘Don’t Wanna Be Cool’, a loose and colourful, tripped out, deep disco jam with vocoder vocals bringing a future retro feel while majestic pads and keys rain down from the cosmos. ‘Cueva’ is the final original, built on a dirty, rugged bassline with all sorts of raw hits and sweeping pads bringing a twisted disco vibe. Die Jungle is the breakout talent of the year who remixes here after making some serious dance floor killers, reaching the Beatport charts and getting plenty of support along the way. His version is a real chugger, with rock licks and prying bass that really locks you into the groove and will win over the likes of Andrew Weatherall and the ALFOS crew.

Cabizbajo – Cane Robbers (La Volta Ros) 7th January 2020 Cat. No.: LVR010