1. ‘Hey Love’ Compilation (Vol. 1 & 2)

Ray – This is a compilation of 50s and 60s RnB that is reminiscent of my childhood. I grew up listening to Art Leboe’s show on hot 92.3 where he took dedications and requests from locals. My go to when seeking a good nights rest after a long weekend. 

2. The Rapture -Echoes

Lionel – this record has consistently been played at home throughout the years. It’s a classic in my book with one of the best intro tracks of all time. It’s no secret that DFA in general have been a massive influence to Ray and I. 

Playlist: The Rapture – Echoes

3. Explosions In the Sky – How Strange, The Innocence 

Ray – Explosions carry a legacy that doesn’t need an introduction. An easy listening album is something that never gets old. I discovered it at age 14 and still give it a proper rinsing regularly. The perfect album to decompress and have a nice chat over after a fulfilling night. 

Explosions in the Sky – How Strange, Innocence [Full Album]

4. Suicide – Self Titled

Lionel – Suicide and Alan Vega are very influential to me and the Club Tularosa sound. This particular record has always fascinated and inspired me with its far out sounds, echo’d vocals, and hypnotic rhythms. Well ahead of its time. 

5. Chromatics – Night Drive

Lionel & Ray – Man, Italians Do It Better has undoubtedly been a big influence on us. This album in particular has always found its way on the record player, and still gets regular play til this day. Dark, arpegiatted pop-disco with tinges of new wave and Italo is our foundation. 

Chromatics -Night Drive- The Telephone Call

6. AFI – The Art of Drowning

Ray – AFI was the first band I really connected to and can say I was a ‘fan’ of. Growing up listening to punk and hardcore, this album sits nicely in between the genres. Both melancholic and angry, makes it a record that is likely to be heard on my cleaning days. 

Of Greetings and Goodbyes – AFI

7. Gaussian Curve – Clouds

Lionel – A really nice record to listen to at home whilst nursing a mean hangover. 

Gaussian Curve – Clouds (Full Album)

8. The Cure – Seventeen Seconds

Lionel – Another classic. The moody, darkwave side of The Cure make it a massive win for my musical palette.  

the cure 07 A Forest

Black Marble – It’s Immaterial

Lionel – I can’t get enough of this record. Super melancholy but still uplifting and fun. It’s been in constant rotation since it came out a few years ago

Black Marble – It's Immaterial (Full Album)

10. Defiance, Ohio – Share What You Got

Punk meets Folk! This is  my summer album. The ideal record for road tripping. Chants and sing alongs make it an excellent choice for friend filled bonfires and at home chill sessions.   

Defiance, Ohio // Share What Ya' Got (FULL ALBUM)

Club Tularosa – NNN04 (incl. Marvin & Guy and The Juan MacLean Remixes) (Now Now Now)

Man Power’s Now Now Now label serves up new heat from Club Tularosa, a DJ and production duo from LA who are two of the boss’s best friends. The release comes complete with stellar remixes from Marvin & Guy, and The Juan MacLean. Club Tularosa love Italo disco, post punk and new wave, plot cosmic DJ sets and as well as playing round LA, also promote their own events. After a track on Me Me Me, this EP marks the pair’s first ever full release and it is a special one indeed that is already receiving plays from key Djs including Roman Flugel. First up is ’Starlight Ceremony’, a genre defying jam with astral synths, weird vocals and tension building drums that all serve to work the floor into a lather.
The excellent ‘Kenji’ is a trippy and trance-inducing track with sheet metal snares and a heavenly vocal underpinned by a brilliantly rugged bassline. It’s stripped back but hugely effective and atmospheric. The third and final original is the unique ‘Solux and Vision’, a strobe-lit 80s tinged electro cut with punk vocals echoing out amongst serrated licks and surging chords. Cult pair Marvin & Guy then step up with an electro remix of ‘Starlight Ceremony’ that is delicate and subtle in its melodies and uplifting in its grooves. Lastly, The Juan MacLean goes tribal on his remix, with loopy synth patterns and lurching bass all demanding that you get involved.

Club Tularosa – NNN04 (incl. Marvin & Guy and The Juan MacLean Remixes) (Now Now Now) Release: 16th September 2019 Cat No: NNN04