Roe Deers – Pamela

Roe Deers has his original and cool vibe in every track. Some of them are more funky, others  more punchy, but for me “Pamela” is definitely a “killer track”. 

Simple Symmetry – Gilgamesh feat. Iñigo Vontier

Simple Symmetry tracks are always fascinating as they deliver a really good story. In this case, “Gilgamesh” is one of my favorite ones, because of the trippy vibes and the perfect vocal cuts.

Simple Symmetry – Gilgamesh feat. Iñigo Vontier [DH021]

Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais – Crush On You

“Crush on you” is definitely one of my favorite tracks of all time. Perfect drum combinations and track progression. I’m always turning this one on, when I’m driving.

Identified Patient & Sophie du Palais – Crush On You (PNKMN28)

Locked Club – Punk Navsegda

First time I heard this track when my friend played it in his set. After that, I fell in love with the band and their content. Basically this track changed my taste , to stronger electronic music, which I play and like a lot.


Tiga – Hot In Herre (MAN2.0 Summer Recreation)

I like many tracks, created by Tiga, but this remix is a killer track, remixed by my friend, Man2.0. Love that he kept the original vibe, but added more acid sounds which make it just perfect.

Barbatuques – Baianá (Pablo Fierro Edit)

Sometimes I need more positive tracks to start my day, just to charge my brain with happiness and positive thoughts. “Baianá” is one of my “charger” tracks.

Barbatuques – Baianá (Pablo Fierro Edit)

Wind – Luxury (Juan Soto Edit)

When it comes to disco, “Luxury” remixed by Juan Soto is number one for me.

Wind – Luxury (Juan Soto Edit)

Neud Photo – Wig Walker

“Wig Walker” is one of my favorite angry tracks, which I’m listening before every party. Perfect charger before the night.

Neud Photo – Wig Walker

An-i – Gutz

For me, An-i is one of the best live performers. After I saw his live show in “Opium Club” I started listening to every track he made, and “Gutz” is my favorite.

Kidnap Kid – Birds That Fly

Kidnap Kid was always one of my favorite producers since 2015. Most of his tracks are calming and the quality of his tracks is just amazing. I’m always listening this one before sleep.

Kidnap Kid – Birds That Fly

Dannie Fade

Dannie Fade emerges as an artist to watch with a fresh single on Sinchi that comes with off kilter remixes from Roe Deers and Tolouse Low Trax. The not for profit label is once again raising funds for the Sinchi Foundation and the support of indigenous people, which has never been more vital given what is going on in the Amazon right now. Fade only debuted his first music in 2018 after four years DJing, but has been making melodies and rhythms since youth, playing both guitar and piano. Inspired by the likes of Red Axes and Identified Patient, he shares his latest vision here, and it is a compelling one. The arresting ‘Demolition’ will re-wire your brain: it has sinewy synths and crashing hits scattered over a crawling, menacing groove. Squelchy bass underpins the whole freaky trip, which exists in some twisted world where techno and disco collide.
Tolouse Low Trax is the solo project of Detlef Weinrich, who also works as part of the Kreidler group and is resident at Salon des Amateurs. Here he flips ‘Demolition’ into a chuggy and elastic, hypnotic dehumanised groove. It is mysteriously empty and atmospheric throughout, and for that reason keeps you locked. Roe Deers is a Lithuanian-based audio-visual project with credits on Throne Of Blood and Ombra International. His remix is the hardest hitting of the lot, withsurging drums and endless synth loops that hurry along with warped soundeffects and knocking cow bells for company. These are three brilliantly inventive, genre defying tracks and mark another high point for the Sinchi imprint.

Dannie Fade ‘Demolition (incl. Roe Deers and Tolouse Low Trax Remixes) (Sinchi) Release: 11th October 2019 Cat No: 004