Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

This is from my childhood as early musical education. The song with the greatest drum break on earth. My father was a great Phil Collins lover as a drummer and also placed it into my and my brothers cradle.

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight (Official Music Video)

Nirvana – In Bloom

In the 90s there was finally music tv in the eastside of Germany after reunification. My brother bought this tape and it was on a continuous loop every day and later we became drummers in our own punk rock band.

Nirvana - In Bloom (Official Video)

Leila K – Open Sesame

Eurodance was my first contact to electronic music as a teen. This one runs a lot with my walkman.

Leila K - Open Sesame (Official)

Joe T. Vanelli Feat. Csilla ‎– Play With The Voice In Germany (Paul van Dyk Mix) 

Got this record from my friend and DJ mentor Oli Sullivan in the middle of the 90`s where i did my first steps on the turntables. Timeless and soulful piece of electronic music.

Joe T. Vanelli Feat. Csilla ‎– Play With The Voice In Germany (Paul van Dyk Mix) - 1994

Aquaplex – Control

After playing two years borrowed records of friends, this one was my very first vinyl which I bought from my own pocket money. It is still on the shelf today.

Aquaplex - Control

I-F Space Invaders – Are Smoking Grass

Was so hard to get this record at its time without any information about the title but I got it after two years of searching through a lot of record shops. Broken beats are my secret love.

I-F Space Invaders - Are smoking Grass

Portishead – Roads

Pure emotions by listening to this one or other well known Trip Hop bands like Portishead and Massive Attack. From then until now the best songs to cruise at sunshine and thinking about life.

Thomas Schumacher – Hymn/Revolution

My personal Hymn and that tune for me. That simple and punchy kickline combined with that hypnotic “uuuuh” is heavenly.

Acid Washed – Fire N’ Rain (Kaytranada Edition)

What do you need more than just a few elements, a dope groove and a unique vocal to create a bomb of a track ?!

Acid Washed - Fire N' Rain (Kaytranada Edition) (Official Audio)

HNNY – Trummor

This one markes that point in my life where I found my love to percussion and African sounds. Fixed by the vibe, the interest in culture, people and history grew and it brought me to a new level in music understanding.

HNNY Trummor (12'' - LT015, Side B) 2012

Elias (GER) feat. Boule Mpanya – Maja (Get Physical Music)

Elias hails from Thuringia, Germany and is always in search of that certain something in his music. It leans heavily on the power of the voice, real drums, percussion and African sounds on labels like this one (where he served up ‘Love Her Madly’ feat Lazarusman) as well as MoBlack, Connected and Open Bar Music. Here he calls upon the skills of Kinshasa’s Boule Mpanya, a church singer since youth and TV star in his native Congo. Opener ‘Maja’ is an intoxicating track that builds in organic drum loops, with live-sounding percussion and rising synth tension. The African vocals add a sense of spirituality and after an epic breakdown, you are compelled to dance once more. The brilliant ‘Bina’ has more afro drum patterns that skip enticingly and keep on drawing you in. While colourful synths tumble down the scales and sustained keys get you in a trance, the loose-limbed percussion brings the funk and Mpanya’s vocals to add elegance and authenticity.

Elias (GER) feat. Boule Mpanya – Maja EP Get Physical Music Release: 10th April 2020 Cat. No.: GPM575