Back To Mine with Elléot


1. Cece Peniston – Hit By Love 

Cece Peniston encapsulates everything I am passionate about in music with this dancefloor bomb. Feel good, Uplifting and Blockbuster Grooves, the track is laced with a timeless vocal hook that is definitely singing in the shower worthy. She would definitely be up there as one of my all-time dream collaboration artists. Just thinking about this track and her body of work puts a smile on my face and want to get my shoulders jiving!

CeCe Peniston - Hit By Love


2. Kerri Chandler – In My System 

Where do I start. This track has a special place in my heart for numerous reasons, it seems to follow me around and when I am hitting those special moments in life this sound tracks seems to be the backdrop. I remember one of the first times I heard it was in an after party in Ibiza many years ago and it has followed me ever since. It’s a great track to make a statement with in a DJ set, to let the dancefloor know what time it is and release the inner diva. Kerri Chandler has to be the GOAT of house music, his production is unparalleled and his energy is true. Thanks for being a real house gangster Kerri and inspiring many artists all over the world with your amazing music.

The System ‎ – You're In My System (Kerri Chandler Remix)


3. Black Rascals – Keeping My Mind (Feat Roger Harris)

This old school house cut emits pure nostalgia. I was first introduced to this timeless heater when a couple of my close friends who happen to be brothers, came round my home to cook for me and my wife as we can’t cook for shhhh. They not only took over the kitchen appliances but they took over the sound system too. Then Black Rascals entered my life, Great music, great vibes and great memories. Shout out to the Gilbert Brothers for this one it’s a real gem and one of my go to feel good tracks. 

Black Rascals - Keeping my mind


4. Isley Brothers – Harvest For The World

The Isley Brothers need no introduction. Their backlog is jam packed with silk grooves and amazing vocals. This track imparticular stands out for me, as it reminds me of my dad’s in-house nonnegotiable taxi service for his children back in the day. We would get ferried around the North East to parties, bars, cinema’s you name and timing was never an issue. However, the deal was he controlled the beats! Harvest for the world was always jakkin’ the system early hours and it automatically takes me back to them innocent early partying days. 



5. Sade – Sweetest Taboo

Sade has a very distinct vocal range that has definitely stood the test of time. I love her tone so much that I have executed a few of Edits using her unique Accapellas. Sweetest Taboo is a real Sunday morning tune or a long journey in the car when you unveil the classics. Therefore, I had no option than to include a Sade track in this selection.

Sade - The Sweetest Taboo - Official - 1985

6. George Michael – As

George Michael seems to be a bit like marmite when I ask people their thoughts on his music. In my humble opinion, anyone who doesn’t think George Michael music is pure class, must be deaf or going through a bad breakup. This corker is coupled with Mary J Beige who completes the track with her authentic vocals. These two artists arguably being some of the most iconic vocalist of their era, nothing but absolute guilty pleasure with this one.

George Michael, Mary J. Blige - As (Official Video)


7. Simply Red – Fairground

I had numerous Simply Red tracks in mind when I started to map out this track list. After long deliberation I decided to go with Fairground as it is the closest track to my personal production style. catchy bassline, upfront drums and lots of fun filled grooves. This track has the perfect balance of euphoria and groovy percussion elements, which is extremely hard to master. Its normally one or the other, that’s why in my option he is one of the best to ever do it. 

Simply Red - Fairground (Official Video)


8. Shalamar – There It Is 

This has to be thrown in the mix again as I come from a family of disco Kings and Queens, well that is what they like to call themselves. You can’t throw a party without having Shalamar in the playlist. This old number was a firm fixture on the dancefloor in my parents’ heyday, it then migrated 30 years to my surprise 80s theme Birthday party when my wife won the Soul Train dance off and I saw first-hand black belt dance moves brought out from her past life ha! Even now my Sister spins this on the regular in her disco DJ sets, anything that still bangs after 30+ years needs bringing to the table again.

Shalamar - There it is


9. Urban Soul – What I Gotta Do (Eric Kupper Remix)

Out of all the tracks listed this one has to pull on my emotions the most. Around 2008-09 onwards, a staple trip to the clubbing capital of the world Ibiza, was never not on the agenda. There is actually pictures of me with my family in the 90s dancing in the rain as a teenager just bursting to get involved with the real Ibiza. Well when it was my time the island engulfed me for a good ten years plus and still to this day in my option is the best place in the world, I even met my future wife in the glamorous west end. This one year impartiular, me and around twelve friends hired a villa for the first time. Prior to that it was always Pisces Park for sheer off the wall antics. When we finally transitioned into villa style vibes, the decks became a focal point of the holiday, to the point where there would be no women in the villa just a bunch of lads sweating fighting over a USB lol. The best villa year hands down would have to be 2012, everything was like a movie. This house classic was on repeat everyday whilst we had pre parties, pool parties and after parties, solidifying some of my most precious memories (Before my kids that is.. I have to put that writting as my wife will read this). Still if I put this track on now, the nostalgia makes me contemplate the meaning of life and why it moves so fast, maybe bit deep for a playlist interview. 

Urban Soul - What Do I Gotta Do (Eric Kupper Club Mix)


10. The Outthere Brothers – Boom Boom Boom

I have to include this track in my playlist as first and foremost I am a family man. I love nothing more than my beautiful family and I have definitely bred a young groovy bloodline. Every day after a long day at work I pick my wife and two young boys up for a little spin in daddy’s car whilst we shake the system listening to ‘Boom Boom Boom Let Me Here Ya Say Weyooh’. Seeing the joy and innocence on the boy’s faces whilst we all bust some moves as a family is priceless and these moments will last a lifetime. The neighbors are used to this daily show and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We should all spread positive energy and music helps assist that. 

The Outhere Brothers - Boom Boom Boom (Official Music Video)


Elléot – The Mask EP (Label: Four Thirty Two)

Hotly tipped Manchester artist Elléot debuts on Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two label with ‘The Mask’ EP. A collaboration with Andrey Djackonda, and a remix from Archie Hamilton, seals this prodigious release. With a strong set of releases already behind him, for labels such as Do Not Sleep, Nervous Records and Sustain, Elléot parades his musical chops for Ahmed’s label, which has delivered recent musical dispatches from the likes of Eldon, Jamie Jones & Richy Ahmed, Jansons and LoveHrtz. A stong jazz-funk influence is stamped all over ‘The Mask’, as muted horns and an infectiously funky bass build the foundations of this four to the floor house bomb, topped off with a vibey vocal topline! Having built up an impressive career to date via a relentless DJ schedule, a residency at London’s popular FUSE parties and releases on his own Moscow and Moss Co. labels, Archie Hamilton turns in a superb remix of ‘The Mask’. Rolling beats sets the tone for his ‘Just A Phase’ Mix, as epic chord progressions, space-age acid tones, and a groove that Mood II Swing would be proud of, induce a first-class remix from the well-seasoned producer. A collaboration with Andrey Djackonda (AVOTRE/Conceptual) also bears similar traits, as jazzy keys, a bustling bassline and brass licks bind together with a syrupy vocal for the uplifting garage house of ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, whilst ‘Follow Me’ concludes this assured EP with a jostling party track, resplendent with hand-claps, lively drums and another contagious and soulful vocal.


Release: 15th October 2021. Elléot – The Mask EP (Label: Four Thirty Two)Cat No: 432R019 Format: Digital