Back to Mine with Eugene Glasgow (aka Southside Son)

A Guy Called Gerald – ‘Voodoo Ray’

Sounding as fresh now as it was back then. I met Gerald whilst working at XSF Records in Soho, a humble guy for someone with such a huge legacy – not just with Voodoo Ray.

Rhythm is Rhythm – ‘Strings Of Life’

Once upon a time there was a Deep Heat album, and on that album was ‘Strings Of Life’. It’s a classic and favourite to many of us – still gives me the same feeling as the first time I heard it at High School.

 Schmoov – ‘Playground’ 

A really nice slice of Deep House – moody chords, tastefully vocoded vocals and solo melodies that really lift the track. Although ‘Playground’ was released on the album ‘While you Wait’, I picked it up as a single, with a great Crazy P remix on the A Side.

Terry Callier – ‘Holdin On (to your love)’

A friend introduced me to Terry Callier and his ‘Fire On Ice’ album. Terry’s soul emanates throughout this song and the rest of album. I spent a summer listening to ‘Fire on Ice’ over and over on repeat, on reflection at that time, this was a type of musical therapy.

Holdin' On (To Your Love)

4 Hero – ‘Bed Of Roses’

A great composition as always from 4 Hero, underlying the strong and positive message from Jody Watley on vocals. I’m a huge fan of 4 Hero; both albums ‘Play with The Changes’ and ‘Two Pages’ are absolute gold.

Nuyorican Soul – ‘It’s Alright, I Feel It’ 

This playlist wouldn’t be complete without something from MAW. The majority of music I bought around this time was for playing out, so Nuyorican Soul with it’s live and organic aesthetic was something different that crossed over between playing out and regular listening.

It's Alright, I Feel It

LTJ Bukem – ‘Horizons’

You only needed to hear the intro and any place this track played went crazy. I don’t know how Bukem held it down making this – total sensory overload! 

LTJ Bukem Horizons (Vinyl)

Alex Reece ‘Pulp Fiction’ 

It will always be the Metal Heads original version for me.  The bassline, the drums, and the sax bring to mind cruising down the boulevar 

Pulp Fiction (2015 Remaster)

808 State – ‘Pacific 202’

Having followed 808 State since the early ’90s, it was great to see them live in 2018. There are many versions of ‘Pacific 202′, but this one is my favourite and featured on the album ’90’. 

St Germain – ‘Rose Rouge’

We did some religious listening when ‘Tourist’ first came out and this track was one of the highlights. ‘I Want You to get Together’!!- love it. 

Tommy Heron ‘Because of You’ (incl. Southside Son remix) will be released on Traxsource promo August 14th / Full release August 28th on Huge Music Records.