Fat Freddy’s Drop – Flashback

A beautiful piece of art released in 2005. ”Flashback” is the best way to start or finish your day. Beautiful sounds and lyrics with the unique vibe of Fat Freddy’s Drop. There’s something natural in the way it touches me

Fat Freddy's Drop – Flashback [HD]

Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better

The one and only Tame Impala deliver something so special that I can’t find it on another artist. This song makes you fall in love again or the opposite. I remember myself walking around Mykonos’s streets listening to this again n again feeling just..happy. ”She said it’s now or never. Wait ten years, we’ll be together”

Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better (Official Video)

DJ Koze – Club der Ewigkeiten

I think that DJ Koze is not from this planet…His album ”Knock Knock” is a journey into sound. If I could make a movie ”Club Der Ewigkeiten” would be my soundtrack for sure. The best thing for home listening.

Dj Koze – Club der Ewigkeiten

Aretha Franklin – I Say A Little Prayer

I could write an essay for the queen of soul. This gem is my favorite. It was the first track I heard from her and I remember myself listening to this all day and all night. A must listen to track for those who love music. ”Together, forever, that’s how it must be To live without you Would only mean heartbreak for me”

Aretha Franklin – I say a little prayer

Moby – Porcelain

Moby is a genius in the music scene. His tracks are over time and the crazy thing is that I don’t know someone that doesn’t like ”Porcelain”. It made to stay ”in our houses” forever Friendly advice: make a coffee, lie down your bed and enjoy 🙂 ‘I never meant to hurt you I never meant to lie’’.

Moby – Porcelain (Official Video)

Sade – The Sweetest Taboo

Timeless Sade.. 100% class and still sexy. One of the most stylish songs that I have ever heard. Delivering romantic vibes best for a glass of wine and good friends. Enjoying it every time I listen. Just Sade. ”I’d do anything for you, I’d stand out in the rain Anything you want me to do, don’t let it slip away”

Sade – The Sweetest Taboo (Official Music Video)

Inner Life ft Jocelyn Brown – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

When we talk about classic we talk about this one. Straight from Salsoul Records. When I was younger, I was watching the ‘Pump Up The Volume’ documentary about the history of House Music and I felt so different when I heard this.. like never before. It was the time that I really felt house music and I started to follow the scene at the age of 15. 10 minutes and 39 secs of pure vibes. ”Ain’t no mountain high Ain’t no valley low Ain’t no river wide enough baby”

Inner Life ft Jocelyn Brown – Ain't No Mountain High Enough (Salsoul Records 1981)

Jay Sinister & Louie Vega starring Julie McKnight – Bittersweet

Louie Vega is one of my favorite House music producers and DJs. The combination with the amazing Julie McKnight’s voice results in a perfect afro gem. I got goosebumps at the intro every time i hear it.
”Love is cold. Love is blind. Love is just a waste of time.”

Jay Sinister & Louie Vega starring Julie McKnight – Bittersweet

Mac Miller – Stay

A masterpiece from a guy that got into a scene with so many ”poor” sounds and made the difference. So much style in one track. It’s a pity that he left us at a very young age. hope his sounds will ”stay” forever. ”Okay now, baby, don’t you leave my side, don’t even try I’m going crazy, girl, you saved me Meditate me, get me piece of mind”

Mac Miller – Stay

Black Coffee feat. Bucie – Superman (Original Mix)

This is the track that made me love the Afro House scene. The perfect track to hear while the sun is going down, while you’re driving, while you having sex, while you are just relaxing in your bed. It fits everywhere..it’s for everyone. Black Coffe made history with this piece of art. ‘You know, we don’t have to be dramatic Just romantic”

Black Coffee feat. Bucie – Superman (Original Mix)

Filippos – Kairetu (feat. Idd Aziz) (Connected)

Filippos debuts on Connected this May with vocalist Idd Aziz, delivering the stellar single ’Kairetu’. Greek DJ and producer Filippos is a relative newcomer to the electronic music world, with the 21 year old had found an obvious passion for the Afro House scene. It’s this passion that has led him to collaborate with Kenyan vocalist Idd Aziz on the superb ‘Kairetu’. Originally from Nairobi, Idd Aziz has established himself as one of the most interesting musical talents to break out of Africa, touring globally from the age of 15 before settling in Trondheim, Norway, and releasing material via the likes of Innervision and Madorasindahouse. Now the pair come together to offer up the latest single for the Stereo MC’s Connected imprint. The mesmerizing ‘Kairetu’ sees Filippos work chunky, loose drums alongside subtle melodic motifs and authentic percussive licks, whilst Idd Azi’s powerful vocals build the foundations to this dancefloor gem. The heat continues to flow with a slick breakdown and a return to the hypnotising groove as the pair drop what is a truly impressive label debut indeed.

Filippos – Kairetu (feat. Idd Aziz) (Connected) Release: 15th May 2020 Cat No: Connected055