Back To Mine with RefraQ

RefraQ is the alias of Joe Mawson. Tipped by UKF, and signed to the Inspected imprint, RefraQ recently dropped his ‘Northlands EP’. The four track release features new productions ‘Necromancer’, ‘The Phasmid’, ‘Plucked From The Pixie Ring’, and ‘Voices Of Aorr’. ‘The ‘Northlands EP’ follows his acclaimed debut entitled ‘RUK’. A genuinely groundbreaking artist, RefraQ creates complex electronic arrangements that could be broadly placed under the banner of electronica, but also take in elements of broken beat, ambient, and early dubstep.

RefraQ’s video art brings his music to life. A digital artist, Mawson creates videos for each of his releases; he visualises each piece of music when writing it, sketching out ideas in the studio for each project that will be turned into the final short film. The drawings and sketches that are brought to life in stunningly immersive animation are abstract and fantastical, like something akin to intergalactic pop art. As a member of visionary collective, Soda Island (who released the acclaimed album ‘A Trip to Soda Island’), RefraQ has been working alongside Funilab and Studio Syro, on a forthcoming animated virtual reality series, ‘Tales From Soda Island’ for Facebook and Oculus.

Here RefraQ gives us a Back To Mine brimming with some of the world’s finest new bass music, alongside Porter Robinson, Culprate, and even an appearance from indie folksters Bon Iver.

Izzard – Keeping

I love the subtle sound design and use of vocals that return at the end of the track. The overall progressive feel is very entrancing too.

Koan Sound – Vibrant

The production and overall euphoric vibe combined with Chalky’s guitar melodies makes it a really enjoyable track to listen to. 

KOAN Sound – Vibrant

Imanu – Come Forward

Really forward thinking take on bass music. Love the industrial techno vibes mixed with the drum and bass.

IMANU - Come Forward

The Caracal Project – Charmes

Ridiculous sound design and sound arrangement whilst still being really danceable, one of my favourite producers.

The Caracal Project - Charmes

Oli XL – Clumsy

Proper unique techno track with a vocal hook that keeps getting stuck in my head.

Oli XL – Clumsy [Bloom01]

Porter Robinson – Something Comforting

Super well written and uplifting track, love the pace of the whole thing and the vocal processing, feels stylistically synthetic which is a sound I love.

Porter Robinson - Something Comforting (Official Music Video)

Bon Iver – Faith

Bon Iver combine folk with unique production and electronica to create a really memorable sound, I love the way this song builds and the layers of choir and vocals.

Bon Iver - Faith - Official Lyric Video

Mt Wold – Life size Ghosts (Catching Flies remix)

A classic I keep returning to, the pitched vocals and use of Far Eastern instruments mixed with traditional downtempo makes it one of my fave tracks ever.

Mt. Wolf - Life Size Ghosts (Catching Flies Remix)

Culprate – Whispers Pt 1

Culprate blends elements from different genres effortlessly and doesnt overdo the production side of it. This track reminds me of Pink Floyd but 100 years in the future.

Culprate - Whispers (Part I)

Maxime – Sleepy (ft Adam Tell)

Really fun and catchy electronic/pop song. The production and attention to detail combined with the vocals and melodies makes me keep coming back.