Gabor Szabo – Keep Smiling

An amazing song that I think sets the mood perfectly for the come down with a side of funk. One time I was playing at a festival in Australia and somebody slipped something into my drink. I got so mellowed out I played this song to 5,000 people. Thankfully the song is so good it went off!

Gabor Szabo – Keep Smiling Smooth Jazz Funk

Phoenix – Heatwave

Phoenix is a massive band now. When I first discovered them I was working at a record shop in Chicago and they were featured on this compilation called “Source Material” released by Astralwerks. The whole comp is dope but I’ll drop this one tonight for our back to mine session. 

Phoenix – "Heatwave" time-lapse sunset

Prop – Landing

These guys went on to become The Presets. This music is so pretty, interesting and built around two people playing the xylophone. I’m still looking for the perfect scene to drop this in one of the films I music supervise.

Air – Playground Love

One of the best modern day soundtracks. A few Air songs could make it into this session actually!

Air – Playground Love (HQ)

Otis Redding – Try A Little Tenderness

Liven up the mood a bit after Air and let people have a bit of a sing along accompanied by some air piano.

Otis Redding – Try A Little Tenderness

Sade – Pearls

When I was 17 and I would be driving in Chicago at 3am after being out skateboarding all night I would pop Sade on. This one was always one of my favorites. I’m so complex…. lol. There is a dope ass bootleg house version of this as well you should check out from the 90’s. 

16. Sade – Pearls

Yes – Sweetness

My favorite prog rock band. Think it fits tonight with some wine and weed. 

Tommy Guerrero – Flux and Meter

Tommy was my favorite skater when I was a kid and was blown away by his music. 

Vincent Gallo – When

I think Vincent Gallo is really inspiring. Someone who’s creativity is stronger then their talent. Who’s rawness breaks down everything you think should be important but honesty and truth trump trends or normalcy. 

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Tong Poo

One last curve ball before you all got to get out of my house. I got shit to do tomorrow. 

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Tong Poo (1978)

James Curd (S&S Remixes) – Jamie Principle and Steve Silk Hurley

James Curd remixes two of the most iconic tracks in house music history from Jamie Principle and Steve “Silk”Hurley. S&S Records founder and 4-time Grammy nominee Steve “Silk” Hurley invites James Curd, one of Chicago’s finest producers, to remix two legendary housetracks: Hurley’s’Jack Your Body’ and Jamie Principle’s ‘Baby Wants To Ride’ .Both tracks from the 1980s helped shape the house music genre to become what it is today withCurd addinghis ownstyle to the tracksreflecting the originaland modernsound of Chicago’s house scene.“There is a version of me in some parallel universe dancing to the original tracks blasting on my boom box in the basement of my childhood home. I was 10 years old when these songs came out, and when my older sisters used to tune into WBMX I would go absolutely bunta! It’s such an honor to remix these tracks.”–JamesCurd”Both of these records were “outside the box” when they were originally released, so Skip and I needed to put them in good hands for this exclusive S&S package.James Curd truly knows the history, and the initial impact of House Music, because he witnessed it first hand in Chicago at a young age.So we knew his passion for the classics would inspire him to “flip it to today” with relevant and forward-thinking versions that take the original vision to a different place without losing the original intent.”–Steve“Silk” HurleyJames Curd’s remix of ‘Baby Wants To Ride’kicks things off with infectious synth notes and effervescent bass grooves layered with tight-knit drums and the iconic vocals from the original. The ‘Jack Your Body’ remix then finishes things off by maintaining the irresistible nature of the original delivering the trademark bass notes, 303 modulations and the legendary ‘Jack Your Body’ chants bringing balance to the track. ‘James Curd –S&S Remixes’ drops of S&S Records on 5th April 2019