Back To Mine with Jonny Reebok

DJ Screw – My Mind Went Blank

Duno what to say ay, Absolute classic. RIP screw

DJ Screw My Mind Went Blank

K-lone – BB-8

This track just makes me happy ay. super simple track but every element is fire. Crowd pleaser for sure. 

Peverelist – Roll With The Punches

This was one of the first dubstep tracks that really blew me away. The first build is hell captivating and the sub 2 drum relationship is insane. 

Peverelist - Roll With The Punches

D Double E – Lyrical Hypnosis

By far one of my favourite Uk artist. Been putting work for a long time and it shows. Definitely one of his most re listenable tracks.

D Double E - Lyrical Hypnosis (Official Music Video)

Rhythm & sound – Best friend

Timeless track. Again super simple but insanely well produced and mixed. I find myself getting super lost in this track, Good example of repition becoming phyodelic.

Rhythm & Sound - Best Friend w /The Love Joys

Jah Shaka – Armegedon Dub

Old school dub track with new school sounds. First dub track I heard with a mix that blew me away.

Lee “scratch” Perry – Like the way you should (Digital Mystikz Remix)
The piano in this track fucks me up every time. Sounds super classic but also new school at the same time which i love. Digital mystikz brings the subs hard on this one. 

Like the way You Should (Remixed by Digital Mystikz)

Four Tet – Lion (Jamie xx Remix)

BASSS. Im a huge Jamie xx fan, this is one of my favourites of his. I love how dubby it is and how completely lost i can get in the journey of it. 

Four Tet - Lion (Jamie XX Remix)

DJRUM – Showreel, Pt. 3

Super beautiful track, amazing textures and timeless sounds. Super into how it goes from super ambient to pretty lit but some how maintains its ambience through out.

Djrum - Showreel, Pt. 3

Jonny Reebok – Aphrodite Dub / Ghost Town Riddim

Since its 2016 inception, Soothsayer has fast become a dynamic tastemaker label, adding fuel to the fire of burgeoning artists such as KUČKA, Willaris. K, Dro Carey, and ALTA, plus a remix catalogue from the likes of Mall Grab, Ross From Friends, and Ruf Dug.
Enter Jonny Reebok, whose 2019 Drum n Bass remix of ALTA’s ‘Figured Out’ turned heads at Soothsayerenough to snap him up for two more dubbed out cuts. Born in the UK and raised in Australia by a musical father who played in bands and opened his young ears up to The Specials, The Clash, and The Cure, Jonny picked up a guitar from a young age. In his teens he started producing hip-hop style beats for his friends who rapped, eventually progressing to electronic music. Keeping his UK roots intact he found himself gravitating towards Garage, and 90s Jungle and Drum n Bass.
With an inquisitive mind leading him to dig deep into the musical heritage laid before him, Jonny recently found himself captivated by the foundations of Dub Reggae.
Jonny Reebok – “I found myself watching a documentary on how Dub formed the structure of electronic music, and how remixes are done. It led me down a rabbit hole of researching and listening to this music’s evolution. I fed this back into the studio and it changed everything for me. Previously I had been sample based, whereas now rhythm and bass are at the forefront. Aphrodite Dub & Ghost Town Riddim are homage to this. ”
Jonny’s debut 2018 releases ‘Tyrone’ and ‘You Don’t Know Flavours Bwoy’ may be on a housier tip, but he has a nature to experiment with genres that currently move him, and Soothsayer provides the perfect playground to realise his full potential. Jonny Reebok is just getting started.
Jonny Reebok