Back To Mine with Jun Kamoda

Jogging House / Some

It seems that Ambient music is more important than ever. If words fail to help your anxiety during this year, then you should listen to these tender synthesizer sounds. 

Some (Ambient music off the album Chants)

r beny / Loma

His music was the door to my obsession with ambient music in recent years.  All his hazy and warm sounds are like a jewelry box for me.

Joseph Shabason / 1517

I always take a walk down memory lane while listening to this beautiful arpeggiated tune… and the playfulness of 1517 is so much fun.

Yseulde Permanent Bloom

Brilliant lambent guitar sounds. I only discovered “Permanent Bloom” in 2020 but it was released earlier in 2017. I regret not finding out about this music sooner!

Yseulde - Permanent Bloom

Hisano Tanaka / Calcite (Bathing Remix)

Bathing is one of my favorite experimental bands and on this one they have remixed one of Hisano Tanaka vinyl releases. It is 12 minutes long but I will be able to listen to it forever.

Calcite (Bathing Remix)

Hiroshi Yoshimura / Blink

My Belgian friend Laurence Le Doux has played me Hiroshi Yoshimura’s music in Brussels in 2017. Sometimes, someone who lives in other country really knows your country’s culture better than you. 

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Blink

Emily A. Sprague / Mesa

I have played Mesa a lot while seeing cherry blossoms and titmouses from my home in April. It was beautiful scene and always play it back in my memory to keep my sanity. 

Emily A. Sprague - Mesa

Ann Anie / Memoir

I love every sound when they possess a hiss noise, particularly these piano chords which possess a hiss that brings me a nostalgic feeling.

Greene-House / Peperomia

As for me, her debut album “Six Songs for Invisible Gardens” is one of the best albums in 2020. The album title is so good as well. I would love to listen to more of her music.

Peperomia Seedling

Cool Maritime / Secret Caves

His album “Sharing Waves” is so handsome. Sometimes I have watched this particular video when I miss Kyoto Aquarium since moving to Nagano in March.  

Cool Maritime - Secret Caves

Jun Kamoda – Escape The Night (Jun Records)

Kamoda’s carefree attitude to genre conventions and sampling has made for unique listening in recent years, something heavily informed by his past as leftfield hip hop act MC Illreme. Here, ‘Escape The Night’ is gloriously upbeat tonic with a heavily swung groove, staccato synth funk-bass and breezy chords providing the backdrop to a vocal taken from City Pop singer Hitomitoi ’The Night’. On the flip, Kamoda twists Japanese funk band Zainichi Funk’s infectious ‘Bakudan Kowai’ into a breaky house cut that oozes an intense, throw-down dancefloor weapon. As with the title track, Kamoda is having fun in the studio and it shines through the music. Out now Jun

Kamoda – Escape The Night (Jun Records) JUN007