Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation

It coulda been almost any Tribe or Q-Tip track, but thought I’d pick their last ever single release, seeing as it’s such a timeless corker.

A Tribe Called Quest – Dis Generation (Official Music Video)

Prince – Wonderful Ass

Again, hard to pick from the hundreds of great tunes, but was feeling this particular ass the most!

Wonderful Ass • Prince

Negativland – Time Zones

One of my favourite “bands”, so many different vibes across all their albums, but somehow this one just makes me laugh the hardest

Negativland – "Time Zones"

Magazine – Definitive Gaze

An important band for my personal development, this hit me hard aged 16… didn’t know stuff like this could even be done!

magazine – definitive gaze – live

Rhythim is Rhythim – Emanon

Where do you start with Derrick?! Beautiful human machine music…totally timeless!

Rhythim is Rhythim – Emanon

YMO – Firecracker

The perennially underrated Yellow Magic Orchestra…amazing music + grooves… hopefully one day they’ll be appreciated for their music + influence more, a la Kraftwerk

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Firecracker (Soul Train 1980)

Kraftwerk – Musique Non Stop

Speaking of which…not their best track, admittedly, but somehow it pumps me up more than the others! Possibly from the MTV connection… this seemed pretty damn futuristic in the mid 80s

Kraftwerk – Musique Non Stop 1986 Music Video

Steely Dan – Black Cow

Another fave “band’…so many great tracks… this one just funks and jazzes it’s way along more than most

Steely Dan – Black Cow – (Aja, 1977)

Beastie Boys – Paul Revere

Proboably the group that hit me hardest in the 80s, making me think maybe I could make “urban” music, and didn’t have to be in a shit indie band.

Beastie boys – Paul Revere

Railway Raver – Drop Acid Not Bombs

Such a great album, every track a winner. My fave Rephlex album, which is saying a lot! Wish Jordan had kept on makin stuff…what a ledge…

The Railway Raver – Mine Storm

Luke Vibert / Robin Ball – X to C (Memory Box)

Robin Ball’s Memory Box builds on the success of early releases with a big new outing that features two of his own tracks and one from the legendary Luke Vibert. Memory Box is a party that has hosted Derrick Carer, Trevino and A Guy Called Gerald among others, and is a place to hear proper acid house. Ball himself is a master of the genre and most often released on his own Groovepressure label, having been making music since his teens. Now his latest labour of love is once again reaffirming his status as a vital voice in the UK scene. Luke Vibert has a rich history that makes him a key part of the UK’s dance counterculture over the last 30 years. His always animated music is wild and inventive and comes on greats like Mo Wax, Warp and Planet Mu. Here he offers ‘X to C’, a wild melange of warped synth tones, grizzled basslines & acid flashes. It will twist and turn the dance floor inside out. Robin Ball’s excellent ‘Gripper’ is a corrugated bit of electric house music that never sits still. Pensive pads in the background are offset by a busy lead synth line and old school stabs that make it a perfectly timeless, energetic fusion of moods and grooves. Lastly, Ball serves up ‘The Edge,’ a brilliantly brash cut with stepping acid sequences, raw drum work and warped bass that distils decades of UK music into one essential track.