Console / Mono – Houwelandt

Console Mono’s album is one of our favourites from the 2000’s. Each track is genius. On first listen it’s maybe not so catchy, but if you listen further it will get you, and wont let you go. This track is one of the best, as every sound is a reverse or sample. Simply mindblowing.

The Casio Samples – Wintertour

The best track from, what is unfortunately, the only Casio Samples album, ‘Cutting Age’ from 2001. We don’t know too much about this Hungarian formation. They disappeared as fast as the came, but its a highly recommended one, it’s a masterpiece. It seems like maybe they made a great album in the wrong place and wrong time.

The Casio Samples – Wintertour – Official video

Deuter – Susani

We bought this record at Sziget Festival something like 10 years ago. It’s a great ep released in 72 and would fit in any western movie, maybe Tarrantino will discover it now 🙂

Yasume – 2112 crescent heights

It’s a fantastic electronica album! Give it time, it’s worth it!

Yasume – 2112 crescent heights

Žagar – Without Shades

We could pick any track from our favourite hungarian band, but this is our ulimate favourite from the Cannot Walk Fly Instead album. A breathtaking one.. They should have got a bigger international recognition!  Žagar  is a genius.

ŽAGAR – Without Shades

Kruder & Dorfmeister – Boogie Woogie

We are lucky that we’ve been for more than 10 years in a good friendship with the legendary Kruder & Dorfmeister duo. If the e-music industry’s dirt gets you down, it’s enough to talk a few hours with them, they will show you the right path. They talk about music in such a humble and respecting way, that you’ll have goosebumps immediately if you listen to them. This movie score feeling track is one of our all time favourites. A wonderful one!

Kruder & Dorfmeister – Boogie Woogie

Thomas Newman – Mental Boy

Thomas Newman… if we talk about filmscores everybody thinks of Hans Zimmer in the first place,  but our fav is Thomas. He’s been nominated 13 times to the Academy Awards, and didnt win yet. What a shame. OST from American Beauty from 1999 is absolutely a top one for us, especially this track. It’s like life. Nice and dramatic.. and too short.

Mikkel Metal – Hemper

Mikkel Metal became our favourite Dub Techno artist in the early 2000’s. It was one of his first release on the legendary Kompakt. It’s better called electronica with some dub flavour. We can listen to this music for hours without getting bored of it. What a mood! The b side track Testan also worth noting..

Mikkel Metal – Hemper

vKlaus Schulze – The Looper Isn’t a Hooker
Klaus Schulze is a german analog synth guru! His skills are outstanding. Just listen this track from 1980. We’ve got this vinyl from a good friend as a surprise. This is a timeless one,

Klaus Schulze – The looper isn't a hooker [Dig It 1980]

Clint Mansell – Waves Crashing on Distant Shores of Time

Black Mirror is one of our favourite Series, and San Jupitero is one of our favourite episode ever. Many think it has a happy end, but we dont think so. Eternal life is not for humans. This fantastic track from Clint Mansell appears in this episode, and for us, this music includes everything, that music can express emotionally. It’s so great, that it hurts.

Clint Mansell – Waves Crashing on Distant Shores of Time

Secret Factory – Hashen Tashen (Secret Fusion)

Secret Factory return to their own label with another fresh underground house offering that includes remixes from TERR and MAN2.0. This Hungarian pair is legendary in their homeland having put on Secret Fusion parties there for the last 20 years. Since 2019 they have established their label of the same name with the sort of sounds they play in their tasteful yet experimental house, disco and techno sets. Their first original is ‘Hashen Tashen’, a brilliantly melodic track with rich xylophones and rubbery drums getting you on your toes. Cosmic pads add future vibes and the whole thing is stylishly slick and serene. First to remix is Brazilian-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Terr who is making waves on labels like Phantasy Sounds. Her version is an intense affair with driving drums and lasers shooting across the face. It has ping-pong melodies and frazzled synth lasers that all bring raw energy. Then comes London’s MAN2.0, a man who takes cues from 80s synth, EBM and “toy instruments from charity shops” amongst other things. Andrew Weatherall is a fan and will likely appreciate the macho twisted disco of this twisted chugger. The final hurrah is Secret Factory’s ‘No Garbage Please’, a breezy cosmic house cut with more meticulous melodies and pads. Well treated vocals are another subtlety that ensures this is further winning effort.

Secret Factory – Hashen Tashen (Secret Fusion) Release: 2nd September 2019 Cat No: SFR003