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Oliver Schories & Jan Blomqvist – Packard (Blomqvist & Schories Sunrise Mix)

I recently was introduced to Jan Blomqvist and just totally fell in love with how easy and round and atmospheric his sound is.  He might be the easiest on the ears out of anyone I listen to.  Keep a lookout… I might have conscripted him for a remix coming up 🙂

Oliver Schories & Jan Blomqvist - Packard (Blomqvist & Schories Sunrise Mix)

Bronson feat. TEED – DAWN

Really psyched about the invention of Bronson this past year (pretty popular opinion though, right?).  I just love the way this thing summons epic atmosphere but somehow stays relaxing the entire time.  I’ve been on a kick to make material like this lately and it’s a sweet bit of alchemy when it’s just right.

BRONSON - 'DAWN (feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)' (Official Audio)

Tourist  – Kin

Tourist has been a total gem of a find for me this year. I very literally listen to him at night all the time after those long ass days in the studio and a midnight run. Nothing winds me down better.

Tourist - Kin (Official Audio)

London Grammar – Baby It’s You

I’ve been asking the Universe “where tf is London Grammar???” for years now. I was sooo happy to see them popping up with new music….and this one was a lovely surprise. Housier than they tend to lean, but those UK people move between genres in such an effortless way, v jealous.

London Grammar - Baby It's You (Official Visualiser)

Lido – Postclubridehomemusic

Couldn’t be a more obvious choice for this list haha. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t hear anyone talking about this batch of music from him, but I love it so much…I hate when great music goes under the radar.

Lido - Postclubridehomemusic (Official Video)

CARIBOU – Never Come Back (Floating Points Remix)

I don’t know if people would suspect this of me, but this one has been my favorite track of 2020 hands down. It’s weird, it’s so groovy, its utterly cinematic in arrangement, and the sound design is absolutely delicious.  I’m obsessed with music that is juuust out of reach for me, and this one taunts me like something just high up on the shelf that I can barely get my fingertips on it.

CARIBOU - Never Come Back (Floating Points Remix)

Ford., Sonn, Hanz feat. Ralph Castelli – The Feeling

I just picked whatever was most recent on my list, but ford. is my go-to LoFi dude. He did a remix for our ‘Worlds’ song this year over at League Of Legends and it’s been such a guilty pleasure for me.

ford., sonn, & Hanz - The Feeling (Lyrics) feat. Ralph Castelli

Hania Rani – F Major

Ok…gotta take y’all into my cinematic world as we wind this down.  Hania Rani is my FAVORITE new artist I found this year.  This piece is self-explanatory…but its’ an absolute must watch as a music video.  Like…go do it. Right now. I’ll wait. Seriously.

Hania Rani — 'F Major' (Official Video) [Gondwana Records]

Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a1

Two all-time favs for me. I drove down to San Diego from LA this past year, was in a weird mood, and just looped this piece for like an hour straight. It does something.  This is one of those pieces that makes me think “ok… I want to make something like this”, we all have those.  

Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - a1

Mako – Coyote (Midnight Mix)

One of my first singles off my new record was this lively neurotic tune called Coyote. On a whim, I just wanted to make a relaxed orchestral version of it….and for some reason I found that I put this thing on alllll the time.  Always nice when something special pops out of nowhere, right?

Coyote (Midnight Mix)

Check out ‘Ocelot’ below, taken from Mako’s forthcoming album ‘Fable’ – out 18th December.


Critically acclaimed producer, songwriter, and musician Alex Seaver, professionally known as Mako, has been working tirelessly on his sophomore album, Fable. Set for release at the tail end of 2020, the full-length LP will feature his new single ‘Again’ in addition to four unreleased tracks to supplement the five lead singles ‘Breathe’, ‘Murder’, ‘Coyote’, ‘Chameleon’, and ‘Parable’. The project marks a pivotal moment in Seaver’s career, as he abandons genre constraints and moves in a new creative direction, following the release of the debut album, Hourglass.
‘Each of the songs on the album represents a specific moment from my life, while I was working on the record. I re-wrote these memories into stories, represented by individual animals, as well as a few significant objects.’ Alex Seaver (Mako)
Despite the circumstances, 2020 has been quite a productive year for Seaver. In addition to finishing his sophomore album, he has continued to work hand in hand with the team behind Riot Games’ League of Legends, co-writing and co-producing many of their biggest releases all while lending his scoring talents to their debut TV series, Arcane.
Mako has showcased his undeniable musical talent with each new release in his discography. As a proficient and multifaceted musician, his dedication to his craft is evident as he expands the project to new territories. His recent singles ‘Parable’, ‘Chameleon’, ’Murder’, ‘Breathe’, and ‘Coyote’ have all given glimpses of what is to come from his forthcoming album, Fable.
‘I think everyone knows at this point that I love being in the studio. I’m hoping that the world takes a turn for the better next year and that I will have the opportunity to go out on the road playing songs from the new album.’Alex Seaver (Mako)