1. Angie Stone – I Wasn’t Kidding 

An incredible voice, this song puts me in a good mood and reminds me of the time spent with my lovely wife Deborah.

2. Blue Camera – Golden War 

Included in the latest album from DJ Harvey, this song puts you in a perfect mood for the sunny summer.

Golden War (Extended Version)

3.Cosmo Midnight – Walk With Me Feat Kucka 

Chilling and rhythmic, but at the same time, it’s easy listening but will get you in the dance mood.

Cosmo's Midnight - Walk With Me Feat. Kučka (Official Video)

4.Jhon Holt – Police In Helicopter 

Reggae is never missing from my library and this one reminds me of of the Jamaican and Antigua holidays presented to me by Alan Russell.

John Holt Police In Helicopter

5. Jorja Smith – Where Did I Go

R&B is something else that I love to listen to at home and this is one of my favourites, I love Jorja’s voice and feel.

Jorja Smith - Where Did I Go?

6. Rihanna – Diamond In The Sky 

I Love this song, especially the house/dance remix done in the 90’s, it was incredibly hot back then,  I like to listen to this original version on my chill out days.

Rihanna - Diamonds

7. Kerri Chandler – Mommy What’s A Record

This is a dance song that makes me think of the time spend with my friend Kerri Chandler and it is one of his best classics of all time.

Kerri Chandler - Mommy What's a record

8. Dj Able & Hanna Khemoh – Ain’t Got Time

This is a classic tune that was released on our own record label Tony Records (now transformed into TR records after Tony Humphries left the label 3 years ago). I still think this tune is hot and people always ask what it is when I play it.

DJ Able Starring Hannah Khemoh - "Ain't Got Time" ( Original Mix )

9. MLMC – House Feelings 

I’ve been playing this to all my friends ever since we made it. I believe it has a feeling of the good days when happy house music was ruling the clubs. It’s a feeling that I see coming back these days, let’s hope so! 😉

10. Kenny Carpenter – Stand By Me 

An evergreen from Kenny Carpenterrecorded and sang in NYC by a homeless boy. I can’t forget the story of how this record came about. An amazing record and good for anytime of the day.

Kenny Carpenter - Stand By Me (Rmx)

MLMC Ft Molu – House Feelings is out now on Major Underground