Tyler the Creator – EARFQUAKE

Danny: This guy doesn’t need much introduction I guess. The whole album is insane, but this song is one of my absolute favourites at the moment.

Buddy – Trouble On Central

Danny: I found this song last year and can’t stop listening since.

Buddy – Trouble On Central (Official Video)

Mac Miller – Whats The 

Danny: For me one of the best Albums of 2018. Love the vibe of this one, hip hop at its best.

Mac Miller – What's The Use? (Audio)

Jungle – Casio

Danny: This track has a cool groove to it and always lifts my mood while listening.

Falco – Brillantin Brutal

Danny: Falco just needs to be mentioned. Its an all-time favourite from one of my heroes.

Brillantin' Brutal'

Katchafire – Chances Are

Rafa: This tune has literally helped me see trough tough times in college, the lyrics really resonate with me “Don’t worry about the cost of it all, just sit back and believe in me.

Katchafire- Chances Are

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices

Rafa: My music career started like many of us on a guitar in my moms’ basement singing songs about young love and frustration that it brings with it.

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Quiet Little Voices

Kolohe kai – Cool me down

Rafa: Growing up in the Caribbean surfing was a big part of my childhood, often skipping school to go catch the first waves of an incoming swell. Sun is shining and barrels rolling = bliss  

Kolohe Kai – Cool Down (Official Music Video)

Dr. DRE – Still D.R.E

Rafa: I was about 13 or 14 when this came out and my friend who I’d skip school with to go surfing just acquired his first car. The amount of bass that this song would produce in his car sparked my addiction to sub frequencies.

Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg – Still D.R.E. (Official Video)

Amé – Rej 

Rafa: I wasn’t sure if I’d have any house music in this list but credit has to be given where it is due. This tune made me sell my guitars to buy turntables. Emotional, dramatic, and timeless. 

AME – REJ (Original Mix)

Mesquitas & Danny – Jack (Yet Records)

The fourteenth release from YET Records is a big new tune from Mesquitas & Danny, who have been working together for a year and are finally ready to unveil their first record together.
Mesquitas has held residencies around Holland as well as serving up tunes played by the likes of Loco Dice and Marco Carola, while Danny makes music for the body and soul while playing around Europe. Their colourful backgrounds both shine through in this slick new single. The excellent ‘Jack’ manages to be both perfectly functional but also filled with musical charisma. The synth design is smooth and futuristic and they stretch out around a stripped back but infectious drum line. When the whole thing kicks, a warmth rushes over you and gets you in the groove. Dresden pair Raumakustik has hit the top of the Beatport charts with their big tech-house tunes and have been snapped up by Hot Creations as a result. Their remix here is a subtle one that adds a little drive and some vocal stabs, but retains the late-night soul of the original.

Mesquitas & Danny – Jack (Yet Records) Release: 11th November 2019 Cat No: YET 014