Back To Mine with Mijo

Santifica le Feste is a new series by Rollover Milano Records in collaboration with Concret and his long-time friend Mijo aka La Royale. It finds the pair cook up three fresh tracks and invite Tyu to remix.

Santifica le Feste is dedicated to the Italian holidays celebrated throughout the country with the first side of volume one focussed on Milan. The b-side pays homage to Santa Lucia, a patron saint of several south Italian cities, including Puglia and Sicily, the homelands of the Rollover DJs and Concret.

Concret is Diego Angelico Escobar, an Italo-Mexican artist and DJ who is at home on labels like Correspondant, Toy Tonics and his own Tráfico Music. He traverses between music, sound design and performative art installations while touring the globe and guesting on the likes of Red Light Radio and The Lot. Here he works with Mexican multi-instrumentalist and producer Alec Sander aka Mijo, who has worked under various aliases and never fails to cook up left of centre club sounds for the likes of Her Majesty ́s Ship and Sanfuentes Records.

And here he delivers a stunning Back To Mine selection…

I love trippy albums that you can play from beginning to end without skipping a single track and getting totally pissed off with the person who does. This one reminds me of one time I went to see George Clinton and his superstar band when they were doing some shows in New York City. Me and my friends were kicked out of the club by some older millennials for dancing too hard.
Parliament - P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up) (1975)

Probably the most underrated PF album, there’s some really insane sound effects in there that i can’t decipher to this day. I listened to it one time on LSD and got traumatized looking at some funneling visuals that ended up just being my bedroom carpet.
Pink Floyd - Animals (Full Album) 1977

Again, a totally underrated album, no one cared about this one, not even Ralf or Florian. It’s so advanced in some ways and so cheesy at the same time. An absolute rhythm section masterclass.
Kraftwerk - Boing Boom Tschak

Am I going too hard on the underrated thing? Luke Vibert is a musical genius, this totally got me into the disco-mystery-acid-tongue in cheek harmonic vibe I push into a lot of the Mijo tracks and my other projects nowadays. God bless the day this music was created. I even named my band after one of the tracks on this album. Dont tell.
Let’s Dance And Freak

OK, this is a bit well known by cokeheads and acidblasters all around. I absolutely love listening to Tom playing bass on this one. All the tracks are brutal, it’s this super soulful side of Squarepusher that got me into playing live electronic music and buying my SH-101 to begin with.

So I don’t really know who this guy is and I don’t really care but he is a very violent man and you should stay away from him.
Dopplereffekt - Gesamtkunstwerk (1999)

There was this record shop called Mixup close to my house and they had a small isolated room that said JAZZ outside, and obviously no one was in there. So you would come inside and all the speakers blasting Britney and Green Day would suddenly become silent and there, in a corner, was this lonely guy showing off some super pricey hi-fi audio equipment for mature home listening. So I loved to give the guy a break and used to tell him to play me some music he liked. I was stoned out of my mind some tuesday at 3pm and recently kicked out of school for fist fighting anyway so I didnt mind hanging out with him a bit. This was one of the many CDs i bought from him. Thanks lonely mixup jazz section guy.

I’m a huge gamer. My mom had to take my super nintendo away because I would refuse to go to school. I’ve always kept a console around in my studio with a nice TV setup to relax and play whenever I need to get some sort of different inspiration I guess. I sound so stupid. Earthbound is the best RPG ever made and the soundtrack is absolutely insane for a game targeted to kids. Have a joint and enjoy.
EarthBound - FULL SNES OST

CASSIUS – 1999
Oh Cassius, 1999, the good times. I used to play this pirated disc on my car when I went to buy weed close to my house in the hills of Mexico City. This whole album screams MAKE MUSIC, the use of the vocal samples, the sequenced basslines, breaks, absolute creative vibes the whole time. Just takes me to a good place. Thank you Zdar and Boombass.
Cassius - Cassius 1999

I remembered this one while listening to Cassius a while ago. Had to throw some DP in here, sorry. And this 45 minute live set was playing nonstop in my car when I was trying to understand how to make music with my second hand TR707 and the Junos back in 2007 when I was a little pothead boy.
Daft Punk - Alive 1997 (Official Audio)

Artist: Concret & Mijo
Title: Santifica le Feste Vol.1
Label: Rollover Records
Release: Out now
Cat No: OVER008
Format: Digital