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The Golden Dregs – Just Another Rock

This is a band I have discovered recently and have not stopped listening to since. Just another rock has a vert Talking Head esq vibe which will always be a winner.

the GOLDEN DREGS - Just Another Rock


Mark Lanegan – I wouldn’t want to say

Mark Lanegan’s back catalogue is a perfect mix of rock, blues and electronic music (and sometimes all in the same album) he never seems to stop making new material and this track to me stands out.

I Wouldn't Want To Say


David Bowie – TVC15

An all around legend and a firm family favourite. I could have chosen virtually any Bowie track or album, my two year old requests this song most days.

TVC15 (2016 Remaster)


Ulrich Schnauss – Sunday Evening in your Street

Sunday Evening in Your Street (2019 remaster)
This was my first introduction to ambient electronic music and I have loved the genre ever since. The far away passing trains album came on every childhood holiday and has been played in my a rent a car.

Sunday Evening in Your Street (2019 remaster)


Cate Le Bon – Crab Day

To me, I think Cate Le Bon has turned into one of the most complete artists of her time. Wonderfully quirky.

Cate Le Bon - Crab Day


William Onyeabor – When the Going is Smooth & Good

A lockdown discovery that never fails to put a smile on your face and lift the mood. A pioneer of African electronic music.

William Onyeabor – When the Going is Smooth & Good (Official Audio)


Lambchop – The Hustle

I would strongly recommend laying on the floor in a dark room to listen to this epic journey…. need I say more.

Lambchop — The Hustle Unlimited


Robert Forster – Life Has Turned a Page

One of the few artists along with maybe Lou Reed and Mark Kozelek whose lyrics really catch my ear. I started with this album and worked my way back and he doesn’t disappoint.

Life Has Turned a Page


Hardfloor – AM-Trip

Definitely one of the best acid techno tracks of all time. A gloriously crafted masterpiece.

Hardfloor - "AM-Trip"


Annette Peacock – I’m The One

One cold November night I stumbled open Annette Peacock at a festival, I had some time in-between bands that I wanted to see when I wandered through the door only to be met with a sound I will never forget. Needless to say I stayed for the whole performance.

Annette Peacock - I'm The One


Mohawk Valley Formula – Aquatic Layer (Blumoog Codec)

This pair hails from Southeast London and makes thrilling live techno with real warmth and depth. In the past, they have dealt in organic soundscapes and raw analogue textures. This EP finds them evolving their sound and heading directly to the heat of a peak-time dance floor. It has fantastic pulsing rhythms that aim to evoke the feeling of being lost in a rave in the early hours of the morning. Visceral opener ‘Aquatic Layer’ is powered by a rugged acid line that underpins the smooth but cantering drums. There is an absorbing sense of darkness and tension throughout and it is added to by flashes of silvery percussion which whip about the mix. Add in rumbling bass and you have some high-grade dance floor pressure. ‘Inside Apollo’ is an excellently streamlined cut that burrows late into the night. The fizzing synth lines make for a paranoid mood as they roam about the mix and the chunky drums race on at high speed. It’s both heady yet physical as the synths grow ever more intense. Lastly, ‘Urban Silence’ is another deep warehouse techno track that is stripped back but impactful. The drums are relentless, the hits coarse, and the powerful bass fills the track with a shadowy intrigue.


Out Now… Mohawk Valley Formula – Aquatic Layer (Blumoog Codec) Cat No: BLUGCOD0016 Format: Digital