Back To Mine with Niilas

Khruangbin – One To Remember

This is a three-piece of musicians that seem to have one of the best grooves i’ve ever heard. Especially this track, which incorporates traditional dub-aesthetics into their own special sauce, it makes me want to start wearing pearl jewellery with every outfit. Also, this is an absolute killer track to jam out to yourself alone in a hazy studio. 

Dorothy Ashby – Come Live With Me

Who knew afro-harping could be enthralling like this? This track has the melancholy of a Finnish accordion-tango-ballad, but the groove of 60’s afro-american funk and jazz. Really really cool, and her whole body of work is a magic box to open for music lovers and producers…

Dorothy Ashby - Come Live With Me

Røyksopp –   Sparks

Røyksopp, especially their more sample-based early work, has a special place in my musical heart. The warmth and organic grooves could open the heart of any Norwegian during our long brutal winters. “Sparks” is my favorite sauna-track, and I’ve actually dj’ed in a sauna several times.

Röyksopp - Sparks

Jessica Pratt – This Time Around

This is just SO lovely. It’s hard to explain minimalism with words, with the absence of material doing magic for what’s simply there on its own. Certainly this track has «that» and I’m absolutely in awe of it, and her

Jessica Pratt - This Time Around (Official Video)

Kareem Ali – Night Echoes

This producer, in my eyes, popped up online from seemingly nowhere. And that «nowhere» must be a special place, because everything he releases (and that’s A LOT) has his special flavor to it. Night Echoes captures this really well, and works in both a pre-covid club, for a run, making dinner or staring into your partner’s eyes. 

Kareem Ali - Night Echoes

Oneohtrix Point Never – Long Road Home

I’m not even going to try to use words to describe this. All I can say is that I really like it, its challenging, super unique, and makes every producer feel like an underachiever. How do you make lofi sound hifi again?

Oneohtrix Point Never - Long Road Home (Official Video)

Niilas – Chaga

Am I allowed to include my own stuff here? But really though, i’m super happy with this track, it has elements and grooves that i think suit a diverse range of people and situations. If I may say so myself, this track is perfect for staying in, on a late rainy night.

Oklou – Galore (Album)

This whole record is just stunning. She’s creating a universe I want to immerse myself in, in the sense of both computer-game-lore, and musically. With a refreshing production style, and a focus on tight composition and songwriting, she hits a sweetspot between genres and emotions. And god damn, how it sounds! The studio that powered this mixing has to be connected directly to a pagan mana-source.

Oklou - god's chariots (official video)

Arthur Russell – Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun/Let’s See

Arthur Russell immediately became my favorite artist when I discovered him. It feels like he is the Bob Dylan of electronic experimental music. Soft and naive-ish texts, amazing soundscapes and an avant-garde approach to arrangement and song-structure. 

Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun/Let's See

Roberto Musci – Tower Of Silence (Album)

I dont know what this is. But it sounds amazing! i’m clueless to this project, artist, work process, but i do know that i love this album. To me, the experience of listening to this is a lot like how you listen to music as a child. Without having expectations and being able to analyse or predict patterns and soundscapes, you end up with an honest and amazing listening experience. When you start working with music and production, you develop a different ear for music, and the non-stop over-analyzation never stops ticking in the background, dissecting elements outside of your controll. This is different. A very refreshing way to listen to music. 

Roberto Musci - Claudia, Wilhelm R And Me

Niilas – Also This Will Change (Niilas)

Niilas makes bass-oriented beats with melancholic undertones, with a soft spot for glittery details and blending of genres that have made him one of Norway’s most interesting electronic producers. His innovative and detailed soundscapes have got him coverage in I-D, Pigeons & Planes and Stereogum and at the young age of 23, he has already performed at the top level of Norwegian music festivals, clubs and venues for years. ‘Also This Will Change’ represents a new path for Niilas. Colorful, fun, bouncy and emotional, the whole record has influences from UK club music, as well as drawing on his own introspective feelings and indigenous sami roots. “The title points towards a focus on the everlasting movements of the universe,” he explains, “and is a reminder for all of us, that this year is almost over, and indeed, also this will change.” The record kicks off with the majestic ‘My Heavenly’ which is an uplifting and melodic piece with rich arps and glowing pads. The heavenly feelings continue on ‘What U Want’, which marries clean and bright synths with a rugged minimal rhythm. There is a freeform jazz nature to the fantastic keys and lively drum work of ‘Chaga’ before ‘Verdens Finste’ sinks you into a world of refracted melody and jittery beats, with soaring pads making for a classy celestial mood. This constantly uplifting and richly layered album goes on to take in more paired back and shuffling rhythmic depths on ‘Texture Works’ and haunting broken beats on ‘A Child Under The Table’ that is built on a skeletal rhythm and lit up with off-grid chords. The gorgeous ‘Amygdala Interlude’ is soothing and cleansing for the brain and after that, ‘Mesa’ provides a gloriously wide open sound with lurching drums and expansive pads underpinned by a killer bassline. The brilliant brutality of IDM inspired gem ‘Battery’ and pensive nature of downbeat closer ‘Slenders 3’ wrap the record up in fantastic fashion.

Out now… Niilas – Also This Will Change (Niilas) Cat No: NiilasLP001