Back To Mine with Nitin

1. José González – Veneer

Summertime countryside at home listening. I discovered him from Moodymann’s k7 mix. Amazing acoustic guitar and a one of a kind distinct voice.

Slow Moves - José González

2. Radiohead – Kid A

I wasn’t a Radiohead fan until I heard this album. It caught my attention because of the electronic elements. Going to the concert when they were touring for these albums was incredible.

3. Francis Harris – Trivial Occupations Minor Forms

I’m happy to call Francis a friend. I’ve been a big fan and supporter of his musical outings under his name Francis Harris and his other guises. Moody, atmospheric, almost sober, but always hopeful music.

Francis Harris - Trivial Occupations (Full LP)

4. Illum Sphere – Fall Into Water

Outside of DJ music, I don’t listen to a lot of electronic 4/4 stuff on my own time. This blurs the line of dancefloor and home listening. Emotional feel with good melancholic vibes. If you know me you know that’s my shit!  

Illum Sphere - 'Fall Into Water'

5. Arctic Monkeys – 505

Been listening to the Arctic Monkeys for a while now. Love these guys. This song reminds me of my extended trips to LA 6/7 years ago. I often go back to their music as a staple when I’m looking to cure my rock fix.

505 lyrics - Arctic Monkeys

6. Black Uhuru – Sensimilla  – Happiness

Happiness comes from a free mind. Good vibes all around on this album. Essential reggae listening.

Black Uhuru, Happiness. (Reggae)

7. HTRK – Chinatown Style 

Discovered thanks to Bill Patrick and his essential yearly top tunes a couple of years ago. Mysterious Haunting vocals with dark passionate content.

HTRK - Chinatown Style

8. Jai Paul  

Since the leak of the album a few years ago Jai Paul has become a bit of an obsession for some of us. Glad to finally see a final version of the album that came out recently as well as the 2 new tunes. Reading his statement makes me like him even more.

Jai Paul – Do You Love Her Now

9. Outkast – ATliens --  Elevators

I grew up listening to hip hop from an early age. Once the house and techno bug hit me, all other music took a back seat. Outkast was the first hip hop group to grab my attention again with this album when it came out.

OutKast - Elevators (Me & You) [Official Video]

10. Stevie Wonder – As

This is one of the most uplifting songs, period. One of my favourite Stevie tunes. 

Stevie Wonder - As

Nitin – The Culver EP (No.19 Music)

Canadian DJ & producer Nitin has a long and revered history in dance music. As an original founder of No.19 Music, alongside Art Department’s Jonny White, he has built a reputation for quality, as a producer, performer & A&R. In the booth, he is highly respected for both his technical ability and always on point selection, a true DJ’s DJ who is a firm fixture on the global club & festival circuit. Nitin’s choice, tasteful productions exude real character and that is the story once more on this, his latest musical outing. Kicking things off is ‘Culver Crescent’, a superb piece of stripped back and hypnotic techno built on a killer bassline which rocks back and forth as sparse claps and warped synth stabs flesh out the groove. Organic live drums and subtle sci-fi FX all add to the magic as this dubbed out floorfiller takes a hold. Next up is another deep and dubby affair, this time recorded with classical pianist Lorenzo Dada. Dada, who hails from Rome, is a frequent collaborator with whom Nitin has been working closely over recent months. Here they offer up, ‘Your Crazy Illusion’, a detailed and immersive piece that fuses perfect drum programming with heartfelt piano flourishes to deliver something truly special. American producer Avision steps up to remix ‘Culver Crescent’ after big tunes on the likes of Cassy’s Kwench, Ben Sims’ Machine label and Alan Fitzpatrick’s We Are The Brave. His version is an all-out techno assault with rampant drums and raw percussive energy demanding you dance. Lastly, Argentina’s Fosky steps away from his regular Sunday Money Music home to remix ‘Your Crazy Illusion’ into something tightly coiled and kinetic but with the same emotional piano keys leaving their mark up top.

Out Now… Nitin – The Culver EP (No.19 Music) Cat No: No19091