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Sandra de sá – Guarde minha Voz

This is a record that very well represents brazilian boogie and soul music from the early 80’s. It has lot’s of groove but is also melodic at the same time. It’s from Sandra’s fantastic album “Vale Tudo”, the whole album is pretty amazing. Sandra is one of the most outstanding artists coming from Brazil and a big representative of black brazilian women, always engaged in fighting for their rights. She is also a Carioca (native from Rio de Janeiro) as are we, so we feel a huge connection with her and her music.


Aphex Twin – Ageispolis

Aphex Twin is a god. His music is so great and his personality is an enigma. Hardly ever plays shows or does marketing but his music is so good that he has many fans and we are definitely on that fan team. This song has such a Sci-fi feel to it, it’s like taking a spaceship to go on holiday on Mars. Makes us wonder if Aphex is actually from another planet…

Aphex Twin - Ageispolis

Boards of Canada – Nothing is real

One of the most iconic projects in the style of chill out and downtempo, which is a big part of the music we make. The scottish duo has made some incredible jams over the years and Nothing is Real could very well be our favorite. It’s a beautiful feel good song that just makes you want to lay down at a beach with someone you truly love.

Boards of Canada - Nothing is Real

Tony Bizarro – Estou Livre

Tony Bizarro is one of most underrated brazilian artists of all time. He could’ve very well been as famous as Tim Maia but he was not so much on the spotlights. He’s music is full of that typical 70’s brazilian groove and the lyrics are just great. Estou Livre is a love song about a guy that tried everything but the relationship simply didn’t work and now he feels free or “Livre”. First time we heard that song was from Brazilian music specialist DJ Nuts during his residency on Sundays in São Paulo, lucky the shazam worked this time.

Tony Bizarro - Estou Livre Original 1983

Guru’s Jazzmatazz feat Erykah Badu – Plenty

This is our favorite song from the iconic jazz hop project Jazzmatazz from Guru. Just a beautiful jam all around, the perfect jazz base and the cherry on top is Erykah’s vocal on the top of her game, and her game is pretty high standard. Fun fact: this masterpiece just turned 20 years on october 3th and it’s probably never gonna get old.

Thievery Corporation – Meu Nego

A beautiful song out of the hundreds Thievery Corporation has done over the years. This one is special with the vocals of their former Brazilian singer Karina Zeviani that was part of the band during the period of their album Saudade. The lyrics are about love but in a more dark way, she sings about being abandoned by her lover. It’s one of those songs that is beautiful and sad at the same time. 

Thievery Corporation - Meu Nego [Official Audio]

Nação Zumbi – Um Sonho

Nação Zumbi is a band from Northeast of Brazil, coming from the Mangue-Beat movement that emerged in their city Recife. They have a tough past as they lost their leader Chico Science in a very early age of a car accident, Chico was one of the leaders of the Mangue-Beat movement and a genius when it came to making music, a true poet. After his death the band went on a hiatus and then decided to come back, which was a great move cause they made some great music, Um Sonho being one of them. 

Nação Zumbi - Um Sonho

Nirvana – Marigold

This is not a very common Nirvana song. It’s a B-side from their album Heart-Shaped Box and it has Dave Grohl on the vocals instead of Kurt. It has a very simple structure but sometimes the greatest music is the simplest one’s. 

Moodymann – Lyk U Use 2

Kenny Dixon Jr is a master of his art. He is the biggest Prince fan, an eccentric human and one of the finest DJs in the world. He played a  DJ set in Rio de Janeiro a couple of years ago and it was truly magical. He DJ’s very differently than most DJs, it feels more like a live Radio Show with Kenny talking to the crowd on a regular basis, it’s so entertaining. This is one of our favorite songs out of his vast catalogue.

Moodymann - Lyk U Use 2 (feat. Andrés)

Gilberto Gil – Sandra

Last but not least one of the classics of Brazilian master Gilberto Gil. He has such an ability to make songs that could very well be chapters of a book, the story telling on then is truly amazing. Sandra is for sure one of our favorites, it’s very brazilian, it’s very beautiful. 

Nu Azeite ‘Me Deixa Louca feat. Bia Barros’ (Cocada Music)

Get Physical’s excellent sister imprint, Cocada Music has showcased some of the finest electronic producers in Latin America with a pair of well received compilations and various EPs. Now, the carefully curated off-shoot turns its focus to multi-talented Brazilian disco-funk duo Nu Azeite, who are to put out two new singles this year, followed by a stunning self-titled debut album in January 2021. Nu Azeite is made up of two creative minds from Rio de Janeiro: Fabio Santanna and Bernardo Campos. Fabio is a prolific musician who played keys with iconic MPB stars like Marcos Valle and João Bosco, while Bernardo is one of the best house and disco DJs in the city, and resident of the famous RARA party and Pato com Laranja bar. With all their years of playing, recording and collecting, the duo offer up a cultured collision of MPB and house, funk and 80s disco with oodles of tropical percussion and jazzy riffs. All of this feeds into this new single, as well as the full length self-titled album which brims with Brazilian references, comes imbued with a knowledge of disco rarities and a love of contemporary electronic sounds. Immediately infectious and feel good lead single ‘Me Deixa Louca’ swoons its way into your affections right from the off with its neat, knotted and funky bass riff. The whole track brims with life and vitality from trilling guitar riffs, sci-fi effects and cosmic leads. The colourful track is lit up further by Bia Barros’s vocal work which brings the soul up top.

Nu Azeite ‘Me Deixa Louca feat. Bia Barros’ (Cocada Music) Release: 6th November 2020 Cat No: CM007