Back To Mine with Olan!

Olan! is a live act, producer and techno DJ based in Zurich, Switzerland. He produces Techno, Electro and experimental Electronica under various aliases, plays modular live sets and has been an active part of the Swiss rave scene for the past decade.

Cluster – Zuckerzeit (full album)

Perfect for after the party. Playing this on repeat all the time.

Cluster - Hollywood - 1974

DBX – Losing Control

The granddaddy of many great tracks IMO.

DBX - Losing Control

Blawan – 993

I could talk for hours about the kick and the synths on this track.

Blawan - 993 [TESC004]

LFO – Whistle While You Jerk

The sound design and the drum programming still sound soooo modern.

Whistle While You Jerk

Planetary Assault Systems – Rip The Cut

The Kick, the Synths, the heavily distorted hat. The sound design of every element seems so fresh. And the drops!! .. I show this track to everyone all the time.

Planetary Assault Systems - Rip The Cut

Black to Comm – Seven Horses for Seven Kings (full album)

Discovery of the year 2019 for me. Still showing this to a lot of people.

Black To Comm - Seven Horses For Seven Kings

WAX – 50005 A1

Those pads!! I have a lot of personal stuff attached to this one. Definitely an after hours track for me.

The Mole – Hippy Speedball

I like to play this one to people before, during and after any event. Makes me smile and dance.

The Mole - Hippy Speedball [o-ton56]

György Ligeti – Requiem

I didn’t grow up in a classical-music environment. So I first came in touch with György Ligetis music by watching 2001: A Space Odyssey by Kubrick. During my studies I grew to appreciate the complexity of this music and that you need dozens of incredibly talented musicians to perform/recreate this piece. Contrary to the intellectual challenge of composing/performing something like this, it evokes very primal emotions in me.

Requiem for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Two Mixe Choirs and Orchestra (Remastered)

Alva Noto – U_04

I listen to this track on every sound system. You hear every little flaw, not only in your system but also with the compression algorithm. I love to show this one to people.