Back To Mine with Quinn Oulton

South London based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist & producer Quinn Oulton readies new music with his new EP ‘Show Your Face’ on London based label DeepMatter. Exhibiting a raw sound, melding soaring vocals and tangled acoustic textures with abstract electronics, the EP’s sound is deeply unique. In the EP’s first single ‘Show Your Face’, Oulton joins forces with vocalist (and Touching Bass family member) Demae to offer an airy jazz number, highly refined in its cadences and colours. With a graceful arrangement and elegant vocals, the first single acts as the perfect appetizer for this new body of work. ‘Eye Glass’ sees Oulton’s gentle vocals accompany meticulously selected instruments, later soaring into a glorious instrumental motif composed of an endearing blend of traditional jazz and electronic soundscapes which recall the likes of Anomalie. In ‘Play You In My Dreams’, Oulton takes an ethereal route with greatly reverberated vocals, earthy sounds and organic melodies, as a way to illustrate a dream land, blurring the line between imagination and reality. ‘Start Again’ is the perfect end to the EP, the powerful and hopeful chorus melody accentuate the endearing vocals, leaving listeners pleasantly fulfilled. A perfect opportunity to grab a stunning Back To Mine 10 from Quinn…


Sweet Sapphire Blues – John Coltrane

I remember the first time I heard this – I was about 14, sitting on a bus, listening to my iPod. I’d been playing saxophone for quite a while at that point, but had never heard anyone play the way Coltrane does in this recording. The sense of freedom and fluidity on his instrument absolutely blew my mind, and made Coltrane a lifelong idol.

3 Sweet Sapphire Blues by John Coltrane from 'Black Pearls'

Take The Power Back – Rage Against the Machine

When I was pretty young, maybe 9 or 10, I started skating with my older brother and his friends, and listening to a lot of rock and metal music through them. At the beginning of secondary school I came across Rage, and was so drawn to how goddamn funky they were. I’d walk to school pumping their music in my earphones, feeling like a badass. The intensity, energy, and power from their playing, combined with what incredible musicians and performers they were, made them so unique. I don’t think anyone’s come close to that combination since.

Rage Against The Machine: Take The Power Back

Crying – Bjork

I’ve gotta admit that I’d never given Bjork a chance until last year, when I was told that I had to or I was being stupid. Turns out I was being stupid. ‘Debut’ is so insanely diverse and playful. It makes me so excited when I listen and think about the vision and creative process she had whilst  making it. If I can ever get close to that, I’ll be very happy.

Over The Hill – John Martyn

A lot of the music I connect with most is stuff that my parents played when I was little, and heard in the background. John Martyn’s album ‘Solid Air’ was on repeat in my childhood home, and it sort of feels like it’s become a part of me in some way. I don’t know exactly what it is about his music, but it moves me in a really distinct way. In recent years I’ve gone through his huge discography to find loads of music I had never heard. Solid Air is probably my favourite album of all time.

Do I Ever Cross Your Mind – Dolly Parton & Chet Atkins

I love everything about this recording. I’m a really big fan of country music, and these two are truly legendary. The sense of joy in this recording is infectious, and the guitar playing is totally mad.

Chet Atkins, Dolly Parton "Do I ever Cross Your Mind'

Hurricane – Louis Cole

Louis’ music is very special to me, and has been a really big inspiration – especially when I began to experiment with writing lyrics and songs. It feels extremely honest and nostalgic, and moves me in a very distinct way.

Hurricane - Louis Cole

I Promise – Radiohead

I don’t think anyone making music like mine could not be a Radiohead fan. Most of it is pretty close to perfect in my opinion.

Radiohead - I Promise

Saturday Nite (Remix) – The Brand New Heavies, Jaydee, Mos Def

I think most people getting into music production find themselves at J Dilla and stick around for a long long time. From about 13/14 when I was properly starting to mess around with production software and recording music, me and a friend at school spent a lot of time discovering Dilla’s music, and everyone else he’d worked with. Even though I’m not explicitly making beats, this music has definitely had a big impact on the way I approach production.

The Brand New Heavies "Saturday Night" (Jay Dee remix feat. Mos Def)

Desaparecere – Deerhoof

What a ridiculously creative band. Incredible production, thoughtful composition and such a unique sound. The way the drums morph throughout this track is nuts.

Love You Madly – Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Duke Ellington Songbook

Ella and Oscar Peterson are two of the greatest. The way Ella floats across this recording so gracefully while being so locked in with the band is perfect.


Artist: Quinn Oulton
Title: ‘Show Your Face’
Label: DeepMatter
Release Date: Out now

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