Back To Mine with Ramsey Neville

Ramsey Neville makes his Techno Brooklyn debut with ‘Motherboard’. Inspired by the contrast between the streets of Brooklyn and the serene landscape near his hometown of Seattle, New York-based DJ and Producer Ramsey Neville’s fibrous, yet atmospheric techno has recently found its home on Josh Winks’ Ovum imprint and Yotto’s Odd One Out alongside track support from Richie Hawtin and Monoloc. This June, Neville joins Prøvost’s Techno Brooklyn family to serve up his weighty three-track EP ‘Motherboard’.

‘’The Motherboard EP is really about channelling my love for all things science fiction. I’d recently re-watched Blade Runner right around the time I started working on these tracks and found it to be a massive source of inspiration. I always find myself drawn to dark and gritty sounds which results in the sort of futuristic and dystopian soundscapes you hear throughout this EP.’’ – Ramsey Neville


Sevdaliza – Joanna

Sevdaliza is an artist in the most pure sense of the word, and ‘Joanna’ is a perfect example of that. The production quality of this song is absolutely mind-blowing, and is somehow beautiful yet incredibly haunting at the same time. Close your eyes and let this song take you on a journey.


Burial – Endorphin

Nothing else to say about this record other than that it’s a masterpiece. Insane sound design, angelic pads, and dreamy vocals. It’s a perfect euphoric break between darker tracks on the album. If you haven’t listened to ‘Untrue’ in its entirety, I suggest you go do that right now.

Burial - Endorphin

Pop Smoke – Welcome to the Party

Right when Pop Smoke’s ‘Meet The Woo’ dropped in 2019 I remember getting an ad on Instagram promoting the mixtape. After that first listen I was hooked. I really enjoy every track on the mixtape, but this song in particular always gets me fired up and it’s been in regular rotation in my apartment ever since. RIP Pop Smoke.


Them, Van Morrison – Baby, Please Don’t Go

One of my all-time favorite songs right here. The edgy guitar riffs, pulsing bassline, and Van Morrison’s iconic voice are nothing short of timeless. I’ve been told I was probably born in the wrong era because aside from hip-hop, I probably spend most of my time listening to mid-late 60’s rock n roll.

Baby, Please Don't Go

Bugzy Malone – Facing Time

This is one of those songs that never gets old no matter how many times I listen to it. Bugzy Malone always strikes a balance between dark, brooding instrumentals and incredible storytelling in his lyrics. You’ll catch me listening to this at least once a day on my headphones when I’m walking around the city.

Chris Liebing & Miles Cooper Seaton – Card House (Art Department’s Foolish Perspective Dub)

There’s a specific hour of the night…or morning…when this record hits just right. And that’s usually when the sun is rising and you’re hanging with close friends at the after-afters at someone’s apartment. To me, this super dubbed out remix perfectly captures that vibe.

Card House (Art Department's Foolish Perspective dub)

Ottmar Liebert – Barcelona Nights

Spanish vibes from the maestro of Nouveau Flamenco guitar. What’s not to love?

Maya Jane Coles – Take Flight (entire album)

Listen to this album from beginning-to-end. MJC has crafted a perfect journey and it would be a crime to choose only one track from this album. Anytime I’m in the kitchen cooking or hanging out around the house, ‘Take Flight’ is on the speakers.

Maya Jane Coles - Take Flight (Official Audio)

Donna Summer – I Feel Love

A timeless classic. Anytime this song comes on at a party or just listening at home, it feels like all of the world’s problems melt away, even if just for a few minutes.

Donna Summer - I Feel Love [Studio Version]

Fabolous – Young’n

The way the beat moves combined with the classic Fabolous’ flow – it’s a perfect record. This track encapsulates everything I love about early 2000s hip-hop and not to mention all the good memories I have growing up driving around and bumping this song in my car almost daily.

Fabolous ‎- Young'n (Holla Back) (Official Video)