Back To Mine with Reform

A striking Back To Mine selection from the Italian duo as they release ‘Touch Nokey’ on Anja Schneider’s Sous label…


Genesis – The Cinema Show

One of the greatest prog rock band of the history in their absolutely masterpiece album, one of the best of all time in our opinion. It’s an emotional song, with a great story inside and a complicated and intricated musical development, which ends in an epic final, firstly happy and then sad, like life itself is. We both were drummers before djing and we love (at least try) to play it as close as Phil Collins did.

Genesis - The Cinema Show

Daft PunkVeridis Quo

Surely it’s not their most famous track but, in our opinion, is one of the best of the fantastic French duo Daft Punk, who literally brought to the fore electronic music. It seems to be repetitive and hypnotic but has a great changing during the whole arrangement and the main riff is something that you can’t be tired of, you can really listen it on repeat. We were so sad when we read about their separation. We grew up with their countless hits, music masters!

Daft Punk - Veridis Quo (Music Video)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge

Masterpiece! We were born during these years (Ludovico in ‘90, Andrea ’91), but we definitely grew up with Red Hot Chili Peppers. 5 years ago we also attend a concert in Bologna, it was crazy, one of the best experience of our life, it was a dream become true.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge [Video]

The Chemical Brothers: Hold Tight London

This was one of the first records with which we approached to electronic music, from one of the of the most influencing electronic band of all time. Me (Ludovico), also bought the vinyl, was really the first. I remember I didn’t have at that time turntables but I went to the shop (yes, it was a physical shop not online) to book it. After a couple of weeks, I’ve also bought turntables!

Pink Floyd – Time

Let’s get back to rock, with another special band. Probably the most influencing of all times, they were basically the first to make music with synthesizers, literally pioneers of electronic music. Not so much words to say about this song, just press the YouTube link and enjoy 7 minutes of heaven.

Pink Floyd - Time (2011 Remastered)

Moderat- Les Grandes Marches

Our favourite electronic band. This track is amazing, we feel creeps every time that starts the bass riff. It wraps into mixed feelings, happiness, eternity, but also sadness. We are really fan of Moderat, we have all the vinyls and fortunately we attended a couple of their show. We just hope they will reunite soon, we just need their music!

Moderat - Les Grandes Marches Video (2009).mp4

Floorplan – Tell You No Lie

We have only good beautiful feelings listening to this track. We ended a special set for a special party, one of the best we had with this track and was so engaging. Everyone was smiling and that night we thought we did well our work. Also, Floorplan project is so nice itself, how is it great to have a father (which is only the master Robert Hood) with his daughter into the same project? Amazing!

Floorplan - Tell You No Lie [M-PLANT]


The Clash – Rock The Casbah

Let’s rooooooockkk!!!! We think punk rock has been a so important movement which helped the underground scene and also firsts clubs to grow up in a sort of way, so we had to mention someone who represent the genre; and who is better than Clash for this!? Pure happiness in this song, we love it!

The Clash - Rock the Casbah (Official Video)

Faithless – Insomnia

One of my (Andrea) first night out in a real club, an historical one in Italy which signed generations, Cocorico. I entered in the dancefloor and I enjoyed everything so much that after that night I decided to learn djing. Last track of the night, at the sunrise (actually in the dancefloor you have a pyramid of mirrors which allows sun light to come in), was this one. Pure magic!

Faithless - Insomnia (Official 4K Video)

Lucio Battisti – Si viaggiare

We can’t not mention Italian music in the list, and we do it with a genius, unfortunately prematurely dead, a singer who didn’t write the songs, he just put into music Mogol’s texts (and he did so damn good). Both our parents liked him so much and they transferred us this love. With his music he is immortal and that’s definitely the most powerful thing of music. We all can leave but music stays!