Late night grooving at the best after parties in town

James Yuill – “Sweet Love (Prins Thomas cheeky re-edit)”

I tweeted James telling him that this song profoundly resonated with me when I heard it at Burning Man and he replied “Thanks! I used to live below you. my girlfriend and i used to love hearing you play the piano…anyway it inspired my song ‘Second-Hand Steinway”! I was blown away, I had no idea he lived below me or even knew who I was! His new album is breathtaking and am quite flattered that my drunken 4am sloppy Rachmaninov playing inspired some of it!

Woodkid – “Baltimore’s Fireflies”

I spent most of my childhood in Baltimore, and a lot of people I meet abroad have never seen fireflies. What a sight! So I fell in love with this song when I first heard Woodkid play it live in London. A few months later, I travelled to Bruxelles to see Woodkid perform with an Orchestra – it was sensational and breathtaking.

George Benson – “Give Me The Night”

Damian Lazarus dropped this after Robot Heart sunrise during my first Burning Man. I went to Malibu to surf for a week after Burning Man, and as I was driving to the airport to fly back to London, reflecting on the good times as the sun was setting over the highway, this song came on the radio, completing the circle and making going back to the ‘real world’ a little bit better.

Daft Punk – “Instant Crush”

My heart exploded when I heard Julian Casablancas on the new DP album. I loved this song so much that I covered it and performed it at Robot Heart, playing the guitar solo on Keys.

Metal Mother – “Shake”

She’s a ferocious independent artist from the Bay Area who needs to be recognised, I just adore her music. She writes and distributes all of her music. Hauntingly beautiful pianos and percussion. I learned about her from my good friend, producer and old Logic teacher, David Earl.

The Veils – “Vicious Transitions (Daniel Borz edit)”

This little gem was discovered on a tiny little island north of San Francisco called “Little Venice”- my friend John Dill was DJing under the stars, just after the most spectacular sunset. It brings back lovely memories.

PJ Harvey – “Angelene”

David Byrne from Talking Heads once interviewed PJ Harvey during the “This is Desire” era, and in this interview they have an exchange about songwriting, about how often the words and music make sense long after a work has been completed, but not during the making of it. This exchange resonated deeply with me. This album reminds me of when I used to live in New York City.

The Cure – “Dressing Up”

I named my little grey kitten after Robert Smith of the Cure. They are one of the most prolific, ever-changing, core-shaking bands in existence. Robert Smith wrote every song and played every instrument except the drums on this Album ‘The Top’- I also adore another song on the album called “Shake Dog Shake”

Tone of Arc – “The Rip”

This is a cover of Portishead that you can hear on TOA’s Soundcloud. I recently witnessed the most beautiful display of celestial bodies in motion in the sky at an outdoor party on an island where Tone of Arc were playing. The horizon was the most beautiful array of colours, Venus was so bright that you felt like you could pluck it out of the sky and put it in your pocket. Then Zoe’s beautiful, angelic voice came dancing into the air, providing the perfect sonic backdrop for such a display and bringing me to tears. Perfection.

Bob Moses – “Winter Song”

Another Burning Man favourite. Bob Moses played at Robot Heart whilst we watched the Burn…during the burn all the people and art cars gather around the man for one of the most spectacular pagan ceremonies. I love the melodies in this song, so wonderful, warm and uplifting.

You can download Scarlett Etienne’s ‘Disconnected’ now from: