Rose Royce – I Wanna Get Next To You

I used to play this song at the end of my sets when I had a residency in a club in Bournemouth. I used to play 4/5 hours of house and then as the lights came I would play a slow song, trying to send people off in a mellow mood. I’m a big fan of love songs in general but this has to be my number one. IT still has a groove but a kind of sadness to it. 

Rose Royce – I Wanna Get Next To You

New Order – Your Silent Face

I love both New Order and Joy Division and I could have picked any number of tracks here but I went for Your Silent Face. It was way ahead of it’s time for 1983 and you can hear the rumblings of the electronic music of today in there. The intro is over a minute long, the vocal just pops in every now and again and the synths do most the work. It just sounds so wide and epic but completely down to earth at the same time.

New Order – Ceremony (Original Version) + Lyrics

Luke Abbot – Modern Driveway

Sometimes a record comes along and you aren’t sure why it works, why you like it and what genre it is. There’s no real analysis needed with this record, it kind of sounds like Luke Abbot made it in an hour but will live forever (the best dance records are usually made in an hour). You want to dance and melt into it at the same time and it goes on for a generous 8 minutes. 

Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway

Sub Sub – Past

I rediscovered this track recently, I think because it was on a back to mine album. I had forgotten how great it was, I think I had it on some Balearic or chill compilation. Then joined the dots and worked out Sub Sub are the band prior to the Doves. I was considering a Doves record for this list but this felt like including a track form them by default and I just never get bored of hearing this track. It was probably made in a basement in Manchester but just makes me think of Salinas in ibiza for some reason and I could think of worse places to pop into my head. It’\s one of those trscks that over before it even gets started and leaves you wanting more.

Khotin – Water Soaked In Forever

This is a new artists I’m a big fan of and included a track of his on the new Future Disco album also.  It has that Balearic feel but without being cliché. He likes to use unusual sound recordings and this track always makes me feel like I’m near some kind of harbor in 40 degree heat.

Khotin – Water Soaked In Forever

Sade – Paradise

I’ve always loved Sade, I wasn’t really sure if anyone else did in dance music but I think it’s accepted that she’s a super talent. Here albums were always really great listening experiences as whole for me. I picked Paradise for the tempo.   

Sade – Paradise (Official Music Video)

Susan Cadogan – Hurt So Good

If you do come back to mine and it’s usually round the kitchen table playing vinyl, followed by dancing, I would always play some reggae, dub or rocksteady so I picked this number from Susan Cagogan who sounds sweet and soulful but also has that bumpy tempo that makes it feel positive.

Susan Cadogan ~ Hurt So Good 1975

Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling

I play and love so much 70’s / 80’s disco and soul. I went for this one from Gerladine Hunt as it has that party starting factor and if you are back at mine and might be flagging as the sun comes up this one is sure to keep you moving. It’s a DJ’s record as it has that little beat intro and sudden drop into the main song.  

GERALDINE HUNT – Can't Fake The Feeling (1980)

Ten City – That’s the Way Love Is

It’s never too long before a late night session that I would be reaching for some classic house to bring the party mood back and this is one of my favourites. So well produced, I think by Marshall Jefferson and featuring the vocals of Byron Stingly. It just feels like the pure happiness and innocence of early house music and just how exciting this period must have felt for anyone dancing in the club and hearing it for the first time.

Ten City ‎– That's The Way Love Is (Underground Mix)

Gat Décor – Passion

Probably one of the first house records I bought. I don’t think the record was ever a full blown hit in the UK but is one of the few tracks from the era that really stands the test of time. just never get bored of hearing this track, I never get bored of the intro or when the piano arrives.

Gat Decor – Passion (Naked Mix)

The Beatles – Strawberry Fields

I used to go to plastic people on Saturdays and Ade the owner used to play this record in a completely pitch black room at about 2am most saturdays. I’ve never early had a DJ experience like that since but I still love this record and sums up that wonky place you can find yourself at 4am.

The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever

Various Artists – Future Disco – Technicolour Nights (Future Disco)

Iconic disco imprint, Future Disco start a new chapter with a first ever heavyweight double vinyl album that comes with beautiful bespoke art and photography. The 17 track collection will also be available digitally and brings together the very best names in the game from Metro Area’s Darshan Jesrani to Jamie Jones, Kraak & Smaak to Mylo, Art Alfie and Cinthie, with a special launch party at Mick’s Garage in London on May 3rd. It’s been ten years since Future Disco arrived with the seminal first edition ‘A Guide To 21st Century Disco’ and since then they have gone on to release over 20 albums and host countless worldwide parties and radio shows as well as serve up disco that is both party starting yet deeply interesting. To mark a decade at the forefront of the scene, the label offers up this on-point selection of contemporary disco that comes with a solid nod to the past and features a striking new design. As label boss Sean Brosnan says “So often with Disco, we look back with retro feeling, when in fact disco culture has always been about progression, pushing boundaries and new ideas. So much originated or flourished, within Disco; the remix, the 12inch record, mixed clubs, incredible club soundystems. We hope to continue that legacy with new ideas, new music and a new visual approach to keep pushing and breaking down those boundaries. With the new design collaboration, we hope we can truly live up to the name future disco.” Across the fantastic collection, rising stars like Berlin’s Cinthie, New Zealand’s Flamingo Pier and Paris’s Yuksek all comfortably sit next to more established names like Jamie Jones whoreworks Teddy Pendergrass, Metro Area’s Darshan Jesrani who remixes Galaxians and the original Destroyer of Rock and Roll, Mylo. There are plenty of exclusives too, with two Future Disco edits from compiler Sean Brosnan and two exclusive tracks, one from aforementioned superstar Mylo and one from rising star Kiwi. All in all, this most cosmic and colourful collection covers plenty of different moods and grooves. It will take you up and bring you back down, dazzle with its uplifting grooves and also take you to deeper corners of the disco world.

Various Artists – Future Disco – Technicolour Nights (Future Disco) All formats out now. Cat No: Needcd037 (digi) FDS012 (vinyl)