Back to Mine with Sebastien Bouchet

French artist Sebastien Bouchet lands on My Favorite Robot Records with three avant-garde techno tracks. Bouchet has a cultured sound that has taken him to key labels like Kompakt, OMNIDSIC and Hypercolour. He uses synths and drum machines for his always textured sounds and often includes his own treated vocals. He has lived in Berlin and Brussels and played all over the world and here delves deep into artful sound design and meditative experimental techno. Here’s his Back To Mine ten…


The Jam – Going Underground

The song I need to reset my mind

The Jam - Going Underground (1980) (HD)

Philadelphia Soundtrack – 9 – Philadelphia
The best to cry
Philadelphia Soundtrack - 9 - Philadelphia

Ricardo, Butch (Butric) – Up
When my DJ set needs to change dimension
Ricardo, Butch (Butric) - Up

LOVE INC. – Life’s a Gas
The perfect loop
LOVE INC. - Life's a Gas

The Flirts – Passion
The Flirts - Passion (12" Version)

Brad Strider – Bradley’s Beat
It’s Aphex!
Brad Strider - Bradley's Beat

Thomas Brinkmann – Olga
Thomas Brinkmann is one of my greatest influences
Thomas Brinkmann - Olga

Isolée – ‘Beau Mot Plage’
One of the most beautiful piece of electronic music
Isolée 'Beau Mot Plage' (Original)

The Clash – Straight to Hell
Favourite song ever
The Clash - Straight to Hell (Official Audio)

Going Home – The Avalanches
Perfect interlude