Paul Hepworth – Voyageur 2

Beautiful layers with incredible movement, the long drawn out structure is very rewarding when the chorus finally drops in. Very inspirational! 

Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It (Original mix)

Such a classic track that still sounds great 34 years on. The track is relatively simple on the surface, but every time I listen, I seem to discover something new. I especially love the the drum programming, which is punched in and out by hand, it’s so clumsy but very effective.

Smoove & Turrell – Beggarman

A firm favourite with S&T fans and newbies alike – this track never fails to rock a party.

Mac Ayres – Get To You

I was slightly obsessed when I first heard this song, it felt like a new girlfriend, who I couldn’t get enough of, I would keep playing it over and over. The track is almost like meditation to me.

Main Source – Front Door

A true masterpiece in the art of sampling, this tune sends shivers down my spine when I hear it. Large Professors production is wonderful, the beat programming is super tight, effortlessly bouncing over Donald Byrd’s fender Rhodes two bar loop. This track epitomises the golden era of boom bap and 90’s rap. 

George Benson – The World Is A Ghetto

Rolling in at almost ten minutes of sublime jazz funk, this track has a solid drums and bass rhythm workout, underpinned by Fender Rhodes and mesmerising, seductive string arrangements. Benson’s vocals are impeccable throughout, as is his trademark guitar playing, mimicking his vocal scats.

Midlife – Magnificent Moon

Beautiful arrangements with soft floating vocals driven by arpeggios and lead synth lines.

Cinematic Orchestra – All Things To All Men

A musical soundscape of jazz, ambience, poetry and breakbeat, this song is for me one the greatest pieces of music ever composed. It’s absolutely perfect!

C.Duncan – Like You Do

Dancing arpeggios, floating synthesisers and live drums over lush, cathedral like harmonies. Christophers vocals are wonderfully layered as the song keeps building into a huge crescendo. The whole piece is totally hypnotic. 

C Duncan – Like You Do (Official video)

Jazzanova – L.O.V.E (And You And I)

This is an epic sampling creation, twisting Jazz, Latin, Trip Hop and breakbeat into a beautiful coherent masterpiece. I really admire these guys as they are never afraid to try new things, creating some of the most amazing music over the years.

Izo FitzRoy ‘Blind Faith Remixes’ (Incl. Art Of Tones and Smoove Reworks) is out now on Jalapeno Records.