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1. Ski – Montreux a Marseille 

This is a journey i never get bored of. Masterpiece.

Ski - Montreux a Marseille

2. Handsome Boys Modeling School – Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2

Another diverse and twisted tune with a lot of fun in there. Instrumental version is also ace.

Handsome Boy Modeling School - Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) [Part 2]

3. Osunlade – My Reflection

True spirit, beautiful sound. Love.

4. Ifé – House Of Love (Nicola Cruz Remix)

Anytime anywhere. Amazing sound and mood.

ÌFÉ - House of Love (Nicola Cruz Remix)

5. Plot Pilot – Move To The Nida Beach

This one just became a fav, psycho wave with children’s choir from Latvia. 

Plot Pilot - Move To The Nida Beach

6. Aron Ottignon feat IFÉ –  Ore Yéyé O (Lucas Croon Remix)

I think i have the most plays for this on Soundcloud. 

Ore Yèyé O feat. ÌFÉ (Lucas Croon Remix)

7. Marlon Hoffstadt – Don’t Worry My Son It Will All Be Good

Loving Marlon’s party concept “Savour The Moment”, this tune reflects on it pretty much.

Don't Worry My Son, It Will All Be Good

8. Ashes To Ashes (Tyu Remix)

Just in case to get things done around the house.

Ashes To Ashes (Tyu Remix)

9. Asa Moto – Syriacid

A complex one. 

Asa Moto - Syriacid - DEEWEE023

10. Kobza Vajk – Kis Kece Lányom (Dreems ‘revise-revisit-revision’ remix)

A local folk song transformed into craziness, highly recommended. 

Kobza Vajk - Kis Kece Lányom (Dreems 'revise-revisit-revision' remix)

Sobek – Geiling Agent (Secret Fusion)

For the last three years, Budapest based artist Sobek has been crafting a unique take on house and techno. Whether it be deconstructing glossy, polished originals with his unrivalled remixing talent, or days spent in the studio creating innovative and thought provoking original music across many sub genres, his sound has no boundaries. Monaberry, Chapter 24, TAU and Moblack have all put out his music and as well as having support from DJs like Black Coffee and Pete Tong, he also runs his own influential party series in his home city.
Things kick off in fine fashion with ‘Geiling Agent,’ a superb seven-minute cosmic house trip. It is built on broken kicks and with lush, far sighted arps bringing a feeling of real expansiveness. The thrilling ‘Mr Vibe’ is one to lock you in a trance with its bright, sustained chords and rolling drums. Haunting vocals slowly drift into ear shot to keep you locked as the melodies take over. First to remix ‘Geiling Agent’ is Musumeci, a project by Mauro Di Martino, a Sicilian DJ and producer since the late 80s with releases on Innervisions and Connaisseur Recordings. There is plenty of class and retro-future style in his stomping, synth laden disco rework, which is full of colour and energy. Madrid based Bawrut, who has released on Life And Death this year and had high level DJ support, then brings a wide range of influences to his remix of ‘Mr Vibe’. It is a gorgeous track with punchy, slick deep techno drums and soulful chords that bring warmth and futurism. Secret Fusion label manager SouveQ is a long standing DJ and producer who has a string of successful collaborative projects under his belt and mixes up nu-wave, disco and techno. Here he goes for a drilling beat and celestial chords that are layered up in seductive ways with plenty of sci-fi details.

Sobek – Geiling Agent (Secret Fusion) Release: October 30th 2020 Cat No: SFR011