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Jonathan Bree – You’re So Cool

One of my favorite songs from last year, love the aesthetics too.

Jonathan Bree - You're So Cool

Fayrouz – Sabah Wu Masa

Fayrouz is a living legend in the Middle East. Makes me remember all my adventures in the area.

Fairuz فيروز - Sabah Wu Masaa (Lyric Video) صباح ومسا

Peter Licht – Sonnendeck

Used to play this a lot in the early 2000s. It can be an opener but also a closer, remixes are very nice too.

PeterLicht - Sonnendeck

Patchouli Brothers – Cheat, Lie, Kill, Die

I got mad trying to find this record to play it in the last Eskaletstric party last year.

The Patchouli Brothers - Cheat, Lie, Kill, Die

Viagra Boys – Sports

A tribute to the cult of the body. Must watch the video.

Viagra Boys - Sports (Official Video)

Cowboy Junkies – Sweet Jane

I see angels Mickey. And I see you riding in a big red horse.

Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane (Natural Born Killers)

Baby’s Gang – Happy Song

My sister and I favorite’s 80s song at that time. Sampled in the early 2000s by…

Baby's Gang - Happy Song (1983)

Pau Riba –  Helena, Desenganya’t

Pau is one of the best Catalan songwriters. I spent hours playing UNO listening to this song with my illustrator friend Marc.

Helena, desenganya't - Pau Riba

Pj Harvey – The River

I remember playing this on loop with my Walkman. Ended learning the exact timing to press the rewind button to start it again.

PJ Harvey - The Dancer

Laurent Garnier – Flashback (Laboratoire Mix)

Played for hours to Elvira’s Scared Stiff pinball listening to this track. Got the highest score in the area!

Laurent Garnier - Flashback (Laboratoire Mix)

TALKTOME – Beerds (Talktomemusic)

TALKTOME is an artist reborn, having found early success before taking a step back from the scene to focus on other projects. He has always been eclectic in what he makes and plays, drawing on the experiences of disagreement, heartbreak, loneliness, positivity & overcoming to inspire his music. His label, Talktomemusic is a place for him to unleash these many different musical identities, as he plans a return to the fore with a raft of new music set for release over the next year. As a performer he is a true natural DJ who connects with audiences in a profound way and has also made his mark with his energetic live sets at the likes Sonar and Picnic Electronic. The standout ‘Beerds’ is a soothing lullaby, a gentle electronic groove that blurs organic and synthetic sounds into a woozy avant-pop gem. As wispy pads and bird calls drift about up top, you can’t help but get lost in a reverential frame of mind while the cautiously optimistic chords provide real comfort. Gentle vocals add to the sense of vulnerability and make this a truly moving new track. The subtle Fake Clavinet remix is extended for dance floor workouts, with a rugged and wonky melodic lead added to bring some off-grid grit and texture and that encourages loose-limbed dancing. This project will also find TALKTOME assuming several other aliases, stepping in to remix his own material and take it in even more varied musical directions with elements of everything from deep house to synth pop, and plenty more besides. For now, ‘Beerds’ is a fantastic start that already gets us excited for more and gives a taster for the album due to drop in 2021. For the upcoming releases, Talktomemusic will be working with talented local designers for each artwork, kicking off here with a cover from Trentayseis, the studio behind Nitsa club’s new identity and the popular 36 Days of Type project on Instagram.

TALKTOME – Beerds (Talktomemusic) Release: 11th December 2020 Cat No: TKTMMUSIC003