Late 80s deep immersion into spacetronic ambient, a true masterpiece of forward-thinking music, a gem on its own, unbeaten class, pure art.

The Orb - Blue Room

APHEX TWIN – Selected Ambient Works Vol 3

A kaleidoscope of rhythms and sounds, the undisputed genius at his best, Volume 3 reached a high level of linearity and elegance without missing the typically twisted edges of Mr. Richard D. James.

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol. 3 (2015) - user48736353001 compilation

MODEL 500 – Deep Space

Detroit, how many times we named this city as the cradle of techno. Jeff, Derrick, Kevin, Kenny, this ones from Juan, the early shape of electro-techno which became huge since then. Respect for the pioneers!

Model 500 - Deep Space (Full Album 1995)


French touch teachers Cassius and Etienne De Crecy went to school before their official mainstream degree. This is their graduation exam, literally “high school”, inspired deeper house for music lovers. Unmissable.

Motorbass "Pansoul" Full Album 1996

RAIME – Quarter Turns Over A Living Line

There was intense interest in this London after their stunning performance at Sonar, just before Kraftwerk’s 3d show. The dark side of ambient, they reach a high point of no return in this intense piece. Blackest black of blackness.

Raime - Quarter turns over a Living Line [FULL ALBUM]

AMON TOBIN – Fear In A Handful Of Dust

The welcome back album of a great artist, more ambient than before, a cinematic excursion perfect for home trippin’.

Amon Tobin ‎– Fear In A Handful Of Dust (Full Album)

BLADE RUNNER 2049 – Soundtrack

Speaking about cinema, Hans Zimmer is a god, after so many years and masterpiece soundtracks you couldn’t expect so much freshness and expressive force, yes he has more. Hats off!

MIXED: Blade Runner 2049 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

TELESCOPES – Third wave

A psychedelic rock band who never repeat themselves, and sometimes they surprise you playing like Massive Attack on heavy dope. One of the best of the best of the best albums to leave planet earth without missing anything.

the telescopes - third wave (complete album)


A fresh pick from this band, Austin Texas already gave us The Black Angels, but these guys are on the way up. Amazing name, sounds, guitars, pedals, whatever… psychedelia!

Holy Wave - Relax (Full Album)


Time to go to sleep running back in time, 1981 and this guy was releasing this piano ambient gem. Goodnight.

Robert Turman ‎- Flux (1981) FULL ALBUM

The Lumens – Joy EP (Positive Not Happy)

The Lumens are DJ producers who have played all over Europe with their spiky energy and hard-hitting grooves standing them apart. They are also promoters behind some of Milan’s most exciting underground events including Phoenix Room, Pennyroyal After Tea and Electronic Barbecue. Their new, vinyl-only label will release music that fits with the name – a blend of house, techno, electronica and acid elements with high energy and psychedelic influences. It will come from close friends and collaborators from their local community as well as international guests and makes a brilliant start. They open up with ‘Joy’ an expansive house track with techno leaning drums. The swirling synths add a grand sense of space and scale and the subtle, well-designed details are what keep you locked in. No Waves Records boss and Rebellion associate Stephan Bazbaz steps up to deliver a slamming remix, in which he mixes goa-trance elements with a powerful, straight-up house beat. It’s a real weapon. The superb ‘Casa Acida’ then sinks into a deeper, dubbier groove with lush wet claps but pounding kicks making for an intense groove. Plenty of warped synths bring a cosmic and late-night feel to finish things in style. Thomas A.S. completes the package with a lush interpretation that goes deep and bubbly, with mellow synth sequences melting into the groove and taking you with it. Say the bosses of this new venture, “positivity is the dynamic way to reach static happiness, always think
positive to be happy!” With music this good, it will be smiles all round.

The Lumens – Joy EP (Positive Not Happy) Release: May 4th 2020 Cat. No.: PNH01 Format Vinyl only