Back To Mine with The Supermen Lovers

01 – Oh yeah – Yellow – Polydor / Island

My Masters. They succeeded to release successful records in period where marketing began to be the more important with a vibe and a production that no one in mainstream has heard before. They were more than 40 years old and looked like bizarre history teacher. And they did it!! Respect.

Yello - Oh Yeah (Official Video)

02 – Super Discount – Le Patron Est Devenu Fou – Solid 

It is pure french house. It s smell Paris, the 90’s, Akaï sampling machine, hope, my youth & clubs absolutely every night. My god I would like so much to listen to music the same way I was listening to music at this time…. My spontaneity was intact.

Etienne de Crecy - Le Patron Est Devenu Fou (Official Video)

03 – The Aztec Mystic – Knights Of The Jaguar – Underground Resistance

Classic and so powerfull. The kind of track with no age. It could be released today or in 20 years or 40 years ago…. it will be massive. I love so much when the production disappear totally in a record and you ask : who is the artist? 

The Aztec Mystic - Knights of the Jaguar

04 – Homosexualis Discothecus – Raymond Alessandrini – UTC Limited

Taken from the soundtrack of a classic french comedy from the 80’s, it is the more weird and crazy french disco record I ve heard. It s on the edge, you have the feeling it has passed the limit, that you can not say that you love it. Me I assume it totally. So what?

Homosexualis Discothecus

05 – Temporary Secretary – Paul McCartney – MPL Communications

Et oui… we did not invented anything with electro pop since 2000. Mccartney did it before in 1982. This track, which is pure high quality electro pop, reminds us that we have to be humble. The all album is also incredible. Jump on it!! He is a genius.

Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary (2011 Stereo Remaster)

06 – l été indien – Joe Dassin – Sony

I have always thought that Joe Dassin was one of the most cheesy french singer. Mostly because of how he looks like. But this song…. I call that « the hand of God »… when God comes and touch your shoulder for a second. You all body is shivering because you have just found the more beautiful melody that you could not even dream about. And I confirm this feeling because I lived it when I have found melodies of Starlight. All appears in a second and it was the strongest happiness I have never felt in my life. And was tooooooooo short!

Joe Dassin - L'été indien (1975)

07 – Womack & Womack – Conscious Of My Consciousness – Island/UMG

Because theres magic in this track. It s like a dream or a pause or a moment where you stop what you are doing and sit or lay down with someone you love or care about. Just to enjoy with simplicity those few minutes. Sharing.

Conscious Of My Conscience

08 – Venus (sunshine people) DJ Gregory Remix- Cheek – Versatile

That you play (used to play-covid consequences) this track at 8/10/11pm or 2/4/6am in a party, people jump on the dancefloor. It is not agressif, not too cool, just…. you can play it whenever you want. 
Kind of record that nobody does not like. Classy, fresh, funky and amazing production. A « french house » diamond.

Cheek - Venus, Sunshine People (DJ Gregory Remix)

09 – My Old Piano – Diana Ross – Motown / UMG

When I was 15 years old, I was in love with Diana because of the song and the video too. She s dancing in a satin white dress around a piano that she is caressing like if… anyway… I will buy soon the same Piano and will ask to my wife to dance around it with desire 🙂 But you will never see that. Or if you are a good hacker you could enter my computer and try to steal the video. But as I just think about it, I will never connected the computer, with the video in it, to internet. Like that you are fu….

Diana Ross My Old Piano (High Quality)

10 – Barry White – You’re The One I Need – Unlimited Gold records.

The guy could looks like the favorite singer of your mum. Your parents even perhaps made you on his music (if you are between 35-45… otherwise more your grandparents). 
But… listen to this. 
Love is what we need.

Barry White - You`re The One I Need | Original Version HQ
The Supermen Lovers · Pigeon (Official Video)

The Supermen Lovers – Pigeon (Word Up Records / La Tebwa)

The Supermen Lovers may always be best known for mega-hit ‘Starlight’ almost 20 years ago, but alongside that he has been responsible for huge innovations in the world of what is now called nu disco. Over the course of various albums and EPs, he has fused jazz-funk, disco, house and an array of real instruments, analogue machines and skilled vocalists. His music has continually evolved as he journeys between the vocal electronic pop compositions he has been known for and a more hypnotic instrumental electro sound beloved of Djs and clubbers. In recent years he has taken a lateral move into the world of film score composing, working with some of French cinema’s leading lights, but now teases us with more gold from his forthcoming album. The excellent ‘Pigeon’ is a truly weird and wonderful instrumental electro track with an insane hook and irresistible groove. It conjures a hypnotic rhythm with a real sense of humour reminiscent of Mr Oizo’s cult ‘Flat Beat’, with bubbly bass, tooting arps and colourful melodies riding on the crisp drums. The playful single also comes with its own must-see and original video. This is another spellbinding offering from this unique studio wizard and builds more excitement for the album following excellent first single ‘Clock Sucker.’

Out now… The Supermen Lovers – Pigeon (Word Up Records / La Tebwa). Cat No: WULA012