Manuel Göttsching – E2-E4 (Full Length Version)

Doesn’t  really need much of an explanation , arguably the ultimate afterparty chill out record, if not the genesis of the idea… Pure home listening bliss.

Manuel Göttsching – E2-E4 (Full Length Version) – 1981/1984

Air – Premiers Symptômes (Full EP)

The whole thing from start to finish is sublime, id chose this was the blueprint for the album Moon Safari but I would chose this over that any time. Music to fall in love to for the first time.

Air – Premiers Symptômes (Full EP)

The Cinematic Orchestra – Awakening of a Woman

The whole album is great but I couldn’t just keep picking albums could you’d be listening to this playlist for a week ! This is my pick of the bunch and something I still listen to regularly 16 year after its release it still holds up. 

The Cinematic Orchestra – Awakening of a Woman

Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica

Some might think this is too melancholy for a back to mine selection but its so serenely beautiful and and unusual it has to go in… plus if you’re playing it on youtube (which you probably are ) then the video is weirdly mesmerising! 

Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Jill Scott – Slowly Surely

I fucking adore this womans voice and her lyrics , incredibly soothing, seductive yet thought provoking and direct in the same breath .. Always in the stack when its back to mine.

Jill Scott – Slowly Surely

Raphael Saadiq – Sky’s The Limit – Yam Who? Remix

For me the star of Tony Toni  Tone, what a voice .. I don’t think i’d ever tire of this record.. it’s like the sound of being really really head over heels in love. And probably Yam Who’s best remix .. possibly the best thing he’s ever done…


Womack And Womack – Life’s Just A Ballgame

There is something amazingly warm and reassuring about this record I couldn’t think of anything better to listen to after a long night and your slightly fragile. There’s a couple of good edits of this knocking about, the other cover one is nice but I have the Blackbeard one here .. just really tasteful extended versions. 


Brién – Space is the Place 

96 views …. 96 FUCKING VIEWS … how the fuck no one has found this is an utter mystery to me … one one the best uses of Sampling dialogue in a meaningful way if heard in years  and the the beats are of the scale, in the Dilla and Madlib league and then theres the synth solo wiggout… all from one young kid from Northern Ireland .. blows my head clean off and gives me real goosebumps everytime I listen to it.. 

The Place Is Space

Prince – If I Was You’re Girlfriend 

Can’t have an all time back to mine list without having ‘Him’ on there…  There aren’t words that cover what I feel about his work so we’ll juts leave it there… I could have picked dozens of others from him but the mood I’m in right now .. this fits.

If I Was Your Girlfriend

Terry Callier – You Goin’ Miss Your Candyman

I was lucky enough to see him in concert twice and each time he reduced me to rubble… a genuine GREAT…  Again I could have picked ‘What Colour is Love ?’, “Dancing Girl’ or  ‘Love Theme From Spartacus’ but right a t this minute this is the one…

Terry Callier – – You Goin' Miss Your Candyman.wmv

Bjork – Like Someone In Love

I could probably pick the whole of the ‘Debut’ album as it had such massive impact on me when it came out, which is why it has to go in the ‘all time’ list but this just seems like a really nice way to finish things off… So I hope you enjoyed it… Your welcome back at mine anytime…

Bjork – Like someone in love

Vyvyan – Coat Bra Pants (Me Me Me)

The enigmatic Vyvyan returns to Man Power’s mighty Me Me Me with incendiary new single ‘Coat Bra Pants’. Backed up with two remixes from Running Back’s Gerd Janson, as well as a debut remix from Charlie Nobody, it makes for another standout package. This fresh new single further displays the unique, driving and hybrid disco house stylings of Vyvyan and acts as a perfect precursor to his debut album. That will land on Me Me Me in early 2020 and comes after a debut on the label last year. Nothing is known about the artist behind the music but the likes of Marco Carola, Metro Area and Roman Flugel have all been supporting it. The new single here is a cheeky, low slung disco cut with dubby drums and old school piano chords. It bristles with life and authenticity as it builds the pressure and when it eventually drops is sure to get hands in the air punching along in joy. First up on the remixes is Charlie Nobody aka Chris Stoker from Ess O Ess and Not An Animal Records. He serves up his first ever solo piece of released music with a psychedelic dose of dance floor arpeggiation nestled beside some sweetly balearic guitar playing. It’s a wild track that will lead to wild reactions.Not content with a single bite of the peach, Gerd Janson has provided an outand-out 90s New York house interpretation, as well as a separate organic darkdisco-dub version. Both pack a real punch as well as his slick studio tricks and are destined for plenty of plays this summer.

Vyvyan – Coat Bra Pants (Me Me Me) Release: 5th July 2019 Cat No: MMM17 Format: Vinyl, Digital