Back To Mine with Nima Sarshar

Stunning Back To Mine selection from the Iranian artist Nima Sarshar as he releases his new EP “Night Stalker” The release includes remixes from Murat Uncuoglu, igor Bartyuk & Jozef K and is out now on Nebula Sounds. This EP gets early Support & downloads by big names in the scene like Tale of Us, John Digweed, Toto Chiavetta, Ivan Masa, Trikk, Frankey & Sandrino, Fideles, Dodi Palese,Sobek, Brina Knauss and many more…enjoy.


1: M83 – Highway Of Endless Dreams

M83 was always my source of inspiration, I can listen to this one at almost anytime of the day. I’m gonna listen to it until it burns my bones.

M83 Highway Of Endless Dreams

2 : Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again

The unexpected, unusual, sudden change of key in this dark pop masterpiece is part of what makes it so painfully beautiful. Musical and lyrical genius from Martin Gore. This song is not just a song, its a feeling, listening to this song makes me wanna go back in time in my head and imagine the old times and enjoy it.

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Official Video) (Heard on Episode 1 of The Last Of Us)

3 : John Coltrane – Blues Minor

What can I say, there is no words to describe the feelings for this one, when I play this one I just dreaming about cold nights, hanging under street lights then you may found a jazz club where this music is playing. (Daydreaming as FUCK)

John Coltrane - Blues Minor

4: Thom Yorke – Dawn Chorus

I find myself stepping into light and peace with this one.

5 : Justice – Audio Video, Disco

My favourite French bands, The punkers of their time in their genre. Amazing how the repetition of three words can make a really epic song! I listened so many times this song, that I hear it without mp3 now in my brain. Oreooooo! Oreooooo! Oreooooo!

Justice - Audio, Video, Disco. (Official Video)

6 : The War on Drugs – Thinking Of A Place

For me its like a life I forgot to live. Every time I hear this beautiful song I think of enjoying the loneliness over the road. Thinking of that place!!

The War on Drugs - "Thinking Of A Place" (Electric Lady Sessions)

7 : Kavinsky – Blizzard

Kavinsky is awesome while driving anywhere!!!!!! This is pure love and joy and pleasure. Blizzard is one of the tracks from the OutRun album, I remember listening to this back in middle school when it came out.

Kavinsky - Blizzard (Official Audio)

8 : Antimatter – Epitaph

This is one of the best songs they’ve ever done, This better be played at my funeral or I ain’t coming.

Antimatter - Epitaph [official music video]

9 : Gang Starr – Moment Of Truth

Back to old days that everything specially rap was expression and education. Their vocabulary and motivation made us all believe in a better future. their voice was strength to stand up.

10 : Slowdive – Star Roving

This one I can listen to for the rest of my life. I know in the future this one would be my favorite drug that I call it nostalgia. “Nothing left to lose, Nothing left to fight”.

Slowdive - Star Roving (Official Audio)


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