Christos Kedras

This Week We Go Back To Mine With Christos Kedras Who Gives Us An Insight Into His Top 10 Tracks.

Otto ft Bebel Gilberto – Bob (Edu K remix) – Mr Bongo
I get intoxicated by the sweetness of this track, stirs feelings of carefree childhood & lost innocence… (what the heck am I talking about?!). It relaxes me and makes me dream positive things!

Incognito – Barumba – Talkin’ Loud
Back when I thought that underground deep house was the best thing since sliced bread, “100 Degrees & Rising” came out and planted the seed of a completely different sound. 15 years later I still love this track.

Lazybatusu – Keepin on (piano cut) – Emunity Records
This track is really-really chill but has the ability to carry you – don’t know where, but it is late and it is the end of a summer night of drinking & dancing, and you watch the moon’s reflection on the Mediterranean, and listen to this… and this is called happiness.

Thievery Corporation – Incident at gate 7 – Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
The guys that defined downtempo cool, a beautiful melodic track with a nice groovy tempo but a touch of melancholy too. Add the title and it creates images of something significant that may have happened while you were standing in oblivion at the next platform!

George Michael – Fastlove (summer mix) – Dreamworks Records
I already liked the Fastlove single, then I discovered this little gem as a “flipside” on the US maxi. The music brings up images of late-summer lounging with the subtle promise of *real* love. I like the contrast this creates with the lyrics.

Cerrone – Music of life (Jamie Lewis remix) – Purple Music
A new production with a retro bossa-lounge feel remixed by one of my favorite DJ/producers. Loving the swing in it, chill but with a touch of spice. An instant classic!

Back To Earth – Motor launch for hire – People
This track is so simple but yet so rich, I like the mid-tempo energy & the piano, the track hides a lot of liveliness in an otherwise mellow package.

Christos Kedras – Choice (Marconi de Morais piano mix) – Kapa Music
I love the work the Marconi did on this track, it starts with this dark electronic sound and then the piano comes and fills everything and takes you on a beautiful little lounge journey.

Ski – (Ain’t gonna) Justify (Short Trip To Space mix) – Black On Black Records
This is an uptempo (120bpm) but mellow groover, perfect as a transition between the chill and the high-energy. Keeps everyone relaxed but totally alert.

Vangelis – Rachel’s song (from the Bladerunner Soundtrack) – Atlantic
One of my favorite soundtracks to one of my favorite movies written by one of my favorite electronic music composers. This song is haunted with images of a beautiful woman trapped in a distant prison of human loneliness.

Christos Kedras ‘Full Spectrum Remixed’ will be released October 19th 2010 on Kapa Music.